16 SmartGlass Connections

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These are the things that seem most exciting for the next generation. New ways to take advantage of hardware and different experiences that weren't possible before.

Just about everyone has a smart phone or tablet these days. Being able to connect 16 devices to a single console is amazing. You don't need extra hardware or accessories. Simply using what people normally have sounds fantastic.

I'm all for prettier graphics and more realistic textures, but at some point, it gets tiring hearing the same people repeat the same stuff about more shaders and all the power in the universe. Graphics have never and will never define the best games of any generation. They don't make games good, they just make them look good.

These are the things that will define the next generation. Not who has the best graphics. Let's face it, that won't be either the xbox one or the ps4, it will be the PC.

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I wanna see what type of weird fucking party games they can make with SmartGlass.

Ex) Like a Johann-Sebastian-Joust type of crazy-fucking-cool game where things light up and you're actively push each other out of the way of the Kinect camera in order to gain more points and stay in the lead, so to speak. And maybe the person 3rd person with the correct SmartGlass has this secret advantage power thing, or something.

I dunno. Just something new would be neat.

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