Any deals going on for Xbox One games, XBL subs, points?

#1 Posted by louis0nfire (274 posts) -

I originally only planned on getting Dead Rising 3, but if there's a "buy 2 get 1" offer like there is for PS4, I'd cash in on that.

#2 Posted by RioStarwind (692 posts) -

The Target deal includes all games so you could pick up a few depending on what they have this week.

#3 Posted by louis0nfire (274 posts) -

Yeah, my local Target doesn't have any Xbox One games yet.

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With all those deals coming up or whatever, I would simply keep a good eye on They have ad-scans of all the retailers' Black Friday deals, including some stuff beforehand. I myself am gonna keep an eye on Newegg, suspecting they might have a slightly lower price on a XONE controller towards Black Friday, or something. IGN, Gizmodo, and Kotaku all keep tabs on sales as well.

Dell had some pretty good "Buy the game, get a $20 gift card stuff going," a little while back, that I'm sure they ended by now. And that Target stuff seems to apply to XONE stuff as well, but Ghosts just sold out it seems. All that's left is Battlefield 4 and Fighter Within. Eh...

And Toysrus seems to be doing a "Buy One, get 40% off next game" thing. That's all I see right now.

#5 Edited by AgnosticJesus (547 posts) -

I've been watching the cheapassgamer forums but haven't seen anything. Hopefully Amazon will have the same B2G1 sale they currently have on the PS4

#6 Posted by FuriousJodo (140 posts) -

If you order games direct from the MS Store you get a $10 credit. I was planning on going full digital but I think I'm going to break down and do it for Ryse, DR3, and Forza to get $30 towards my MS account. Kind of waiting to see if Amazon has a deal similar to the PS4 think they have right now.

#7 Posted by BRich (446 posts) -

Has anyone seen retailers selling codes? I'm totally done with discs at this point. Of course when the policy reversal happened I was super annoyed because inherently the best deals will be on retail discs due to competition (at least for awhile).

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