Anyone else getting crackling noises from optical output?

#1 Posted by big_jon (6197 posts) -

Since the update I have been getting annoying crackling noises out of my surround sound system through the optical out. Anyone else getting this?

#2 Edited by Mabemjolnir (32 posts) -

I noticed that also, as did a friend of mine on his system. Glad I'm not the only one. My friend mentioned that it's a known issue, so hopefully it will get fixed soon.

#3 Posted by financingisfree (44 posts) -

I am also getting this issue, but I am actually on an HDMI connection, bitstream out, dolby digital 5.1. im glad to see its not my audio receiver, and that im not the only one getting this issue.

#4 Posted by AndrewAnthem (2 posts) -

wow i thoughht it was my soundbar and headphones... i thought that didn't seem right!!

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