Anyone else having issues with XBONE Hulu Plus?

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I love the XBONE media stuff and especially the voice control (I don't have a 360 Kinect) but for some reason whenever my XBONE Hulu comes back from commercial it skips ahead 2-3 seconds in the next segment. I have to rewind a little to see what it skipped and it's super annoying, and has had me using my old 360 to watch stuff on instead because it doesn't have this issue (nor does my PS3). Has anyone else experienced it and is there a solution?

I'd also like to complain that there's no Time Warner app for the XBONE so if I want to watch the live cable feed on my TV that's not near a cable box I have to use my 360, which is really weird considering the XBONE focus on TV integration, but I assume 'app does not exist' is a known issue for them.

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I'm having the exact same issue with shipping after commercials on the One. I opened a ticket but don't think a developer will look at it, I was told to do basic trouble shooting.

There is also a couple of voice UI bugs. The first being you cannot get to the first row after the masthead by saying down, it gets skipped. You also can't get to the last row by saying down, it stops on the one above it. Those issues cause the second issue, you can't access your queue. The queue tile is half off the screen and the voice command is not highlighted.

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Same issue here. Am curious as to how to resolve it.

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