Bad Power Supply?

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Pretty sure I got a bad power brick. Got everything set up and the day one update installed no problems. First thing I did after I officially signed in for the first time was check my friends feed, then 30 secs later as soon as I clicked on "my apps" everything shut off. Now there isn't any power coming to the console. Tried different outlets and all that jazz. If I unplug the power brick from the console I can get the orange standby light to come on, as soon as I reconnect the power brick to the xbox one the light fades out and it doesn't have power. Anyone else hear of, or have this problem?

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Well that sucks :-( Sorry, can't be more helpful

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Figured I'd update this in case anyone else has the problem and read this. I found someone else on another forum with the same issue (luckily) their brother also got a console and they were able to test multiple power supplies. The problem is with the console and not the power brick. I contacted Microsoft support and they told me I would need to send my unit in for replacement. Guess I have time for that ESO beta now...

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Man that's shitty. Hope you get your replacement and that you get to enjoy your console fully soon.

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Launch Consoles!

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Oh man that's pretty cruddy.

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Oh wow that sucks.

Both consoles having issues is troubling.

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Damn. That's unfortunate.

I'm still waiting on mine and getting a bit worried.

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What a total bummer. Hopefully you get your situation sorted out as soon as possible!

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@ben_h said:

Oh wow that sucks.

Both consoles having issues is troubling expected.

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all hail the 'next gen' !

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Getting a broken console, or any electronic device, sucks. Hopefully it won't take you long to get a replacement.

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@x0mb13 said:

...then 30 secs later as soon as I clicked on "my apps" everything shut off.

There's your problem. Clearly, Kinect resented you navigating the OS by "clicking" and used its powers of technoevil to straight up self destruct.

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Thanks for the kind words everyone.

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I'm having a similar issue. System keeps randomly shutting off. I'd turn it back on, then anywhere from 1-5 minutes later it would shut off again. Eventually it just stopped turning on. Calling Microsoft support in the morning. Sigh.

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Called Xbox Customer support. I was told this was "one of the 3 known issues at launch" and that they are working on the patch now. I was told I'll get a call back from tech support in 24 hours and will get a patch link in my email. I hope this fixes it. Thankfully I have a PS4 to keep my busy in the mean time.

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How is he going to install a patch on an Xbox One that doesn't power on?

@lazy0718 said:

Called Xbox Customer support. I was told this was "one of the 3 known issues at launch" and that they are working on the patch now. I was told I'll get a call back from tech support in 24 hours and will get a patch link in my email. I hope this fixes it. Thankfully I have a PS4 to keep my busy in the mean time.

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I'm wondering the same thing. This morning I turned it on and it stayed on for 7 whole minutes (Wooo!) Hopefully it'll be a small patch that can be installed fast. All the rep told me was that the patch will be emailed to me and I'll have to put it on a thumb drive to put it on the Xbox One. I'll be sure to ask the tech support guy these questions when they call me (hopefully by tomorrow).

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Got a call back from Xbox rep. Turns out the first guy didn't listen to me at all and just logged it as a Green Screen issue (failure to install initial update). The rep tried to transfer me to the hardware department, but after 30 minutes on hold, it just dropped the call. I might have to deal with this tomorrow. So frustrating.

Edit: Finally talked to a different rep. I'm getting a replacement sent out to me. I hope I just got a faulty unit and it isn't anything that will be an ongoing problem.

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I have this same issue. When i opened my day one edition xbox it worked and updated just fine. buddy and i played forza 5 and dead rising 3 just fine too that night. the following morning on the other hand was a different story. power supply light stays orange until i try to power the xbox then it flashes white then xbox fails to power. i still get that powering on sound but right after it shuts off. I ordered my xbox through microsoft's online store.

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You're probably going to have to have a replacement sent. It will take 3 to 5 business days, so with Thanksgiving, I'm guessing we'll get the replacement the first week of December.

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I had this problem with the xbox one powering off after 5-10 minutes... I ordered a replacement console and received it this morning (took a week to get here). I plugged in the new console (same power brick from the first console) and after 5-6 minutes the new console shut down also. I called tech support and they suggested I plug the brick directly into the wall instead of using a surge protector. I did this and the console powered back up for about 10 minutes this time before going black again. I have recently ordered a replacement power brick, fingers crossed this works.

On a side note, I also double checked to make sure everything was plugged in correctly and I moved the console out of the entertainment center just in case it was getting too hot. Now it has it's own table on the side.

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Read this before returning your xbox! Could be an easy fix!

A friend of mine had this problem and someone at GameStop recommended he try plugging it directly into the wall instead of through a power strip. So far so good! If you are plugging into a power strip, try plugging directly into the wall and see if that fixes your problem!

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My console was working fine Friday night. I tried turning it on last night and had the same issue as the original poster. I tried plugging the brick into a wall socket instead of a power strip, the brick would light up orange and stay lit until I tried plugging it into the console. Once plugged into the console, it would shut off. I jumped online and jumped into chat with a support rep, they diagnosed the issue and told me to send them the power brick and they'll send a replacement. I asked them, when I recieve the new brick and the system still doesn't work, what then? They told me to return the console to the point of sale retailer and they will give me a replacement. I bought my system at GameStop and they told me they have a 30 day warranty. Xbox support said that is not true and that no matter what retailer you bought your system from, they have to honor the Microsoft one year warranty. I'll update as soon as I recieve the new brick.

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what was the outcome, my light stays orange, then the console comes on for about 5 minutes then shuts down?

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I ended up getting two system replacements, with the same problem. I decided it was a bad power supply after all. It took several weeks before Microsoft agreed. I finally received a replacement power supply last week (yes, 2 1/2 months without a working console). The system works now. It was definitely a power supply issue.

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Issues are gonna happen as quality control for this stuff gets better. Same with any new tech toy. Look at how apple gets roasted for things going wrong on the iphone. And as consoles get bought by people like us, we are gonna hear about it more often than not since people who buy later on usually aren't as vocal in gaming communities.

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I'm o my third one...

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Had my xbox one for like a month, and as of today no power supply light and system won't turn on. Fun fun!

edit: Wow, seems the only way to get a replacement is to ship the bad part to them. You get to pay for shipping! If you're gonna pay for shipping, you may as well just buy the replacement part and cut the wait time right? Not possible. I can only hope that the power supply is the only problem...

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I am sorry to hear that.

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my xbox used to turn off whenever i tried playing any game or tried to open any apps....but when i stayed on the home sceen doing nothing it never turned off...i tried it several if you have this issue than there is something that would work...go to power and setup...set it to dont turn off automatically and power mode to instant on.....than turn off your xbox not from your controller but from the option given there....after turning it off just remove the kinect cord from the xbox and than turn the xbox on with the controller.....hope this helps........from palestine peace..

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