best download only games for xbox one

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I just picked up an xbox one. I'm wondering what some of the best downloadable only games are for the system that are currently available.

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First I would recommend is Killer Instinct. Try the free character first then if you like it, buy it. I am not a fighting game enthusiast (I hate fight games in general) but this is the one exception I will allow. It feels great to pick up and play but deep to get really good at.

If that is not a good game for you, try Peggle 2. It is the same peggle addicting game that we know and love but a little bit more fresher. So again these are my picks but feel free to try other games like powerstar golf or lococycle. Also make sure to Standby for Titanfall if you signed up for the beta.

#3 Posted by BigJeffrey (5048 posts) -

Killer Instinct is the best game on the xbox one. Other than that I have not downloaded any of the other games Max (Some people liked it), Peggle 2 (If you like peggle i hear this is more of that), Lococycle (Holy shit), Powerstar Golf (Some people liked it, you might?), Crimson Dragon, (apparently the game has gotten a bit better since launch, they added multiplayer and patched some shit)

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Peggle 2 and Killer instinct are the only ones worth mentioning. Xbox One is a ghost town for games.

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Peggle 2 is great.

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Uh, Peggle 2?

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