Forza 5 or Need for Speed?

#1 Posted by killerishere828 (30 posts) -

Should I get Forza Motorsport 5 or Need for Speed Rivals? Thanks in advance.

#2 Posted by wjb (1845 posts) -


Honestly, it's all about what you want out of a game. From what people have said, though, neither seem all that great. So none.

I've been a great help.

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If you are dead set on a driving game for your Xone, take this advice:

I played 400 hours of Forza 3. I have played 190 minutes of Forza 5 and I got it on 11/22 with my Xone. I've played about ten hours of Rivals and my wife bought it for me on Christmas.

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two different kinds of games.

if you want to play cop and robbers, go for rivals, its an arcade racer.

if you want to orgasm over cars, play forza, its a simulator.

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I myself am excited for Dirt 4, and God knows if we'll ever get a PGR 5. So I'd go with NFS. Project Cars exists.

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Have you ever raced an e21 at spa...virtually?

Well it's amazing. Forza 5 is very good.

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well look on the bright side these games can't give you cancer.

#9 Posted by IroN1c (676 posts) -

Got both.

I say: Rivals.

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I'm having a great time with Forza 5. I've only had it since Christmas, so I wasn't around for any of the economy fuss, but it seems fine now. I do wish there were more cars and tracks, but I'm at least satisfied with what I've got.

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I've got both as well. I'd go with Forza 5 but I'm a gearhead that likes tinkering with cars and playing by the rules (despite what the rest of the drivatars are trying to do). However, if you like super fast speeds right off the bat and the constant feeding of newer, faster cars, go with Rivals.

#12 Posted by MikeinSC (1079 posts) -

I'd go Rivals. Forza 5 seems to be, honestly, lacking content. Not a ton of tracks and a surprisingly small number of cars.

#13 Posted by killerishere828 (30 posts) -

I got rivals. But the online isn't fun without friends. It was just lacking. Only country roads with no city. A mixture of both would of been nice. Anyway I got Forza and love it. Much better multiplayer and competition. Graphics are great too.

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