How close can you be to the kinect.

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I'm getting an xbox one on Monday and with my current setup I'm wondering if it's worth setting up the kinect at all. Between the tv and where I sit there is approximately 2 and a half feet of space, I'm not interested in using the kinect to play games but would like to use it for the log in stuff and voice commands, would I be able to?

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You can never be too "close", with the ever watching Kinect.

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You should be fine. Especially just with login stuff.

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You should touch the Kinect's shoulder. It will make you popular with the Kinect and popularity leads to intimacy.

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I have a similar setup and while playing games with the Kinect doesn't work (because it has to see the ground on which you stand) the login and voice command stuff is super fine and actually works better than at my friends place, who has his Kinect further away.

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I generally sit only about 3 feet away from mine and it has absolutely no issues at all when I log-in or give voice commands. The only time the Kinect lets me down is if there is excessive noise in the room which is entirely understandable.

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Not close at all. Do NOT approach the Kinect. If the Kinect catches your gaze, avert your eyes immediately. If a Kinect-shaped shadow blocks the light coming into your bedroom from underneath your door, be extremely still. The Kinect will not hurt you. The Kinect loves you.

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Close enough to hear it breathe...

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I'm about three feet away from mine, and have a lot of trouble with voice commands; I think that may be because the Kinect sits right by my center channel speaker, so it probably has a lot of audio interference. Just something to keep in mind. As others have said, games can't use the camera at that distance, but login works fine.

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I'd recommend removing it from your home.

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@shagge: thank you for making me laugh.

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