How's the UI without Kinect?

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Hey everyone, so I just bought a Xbox One without a Kinect off Ebay for about $100 cheaper than usual so I was wondering how the UI functions without it. Is there anything major I'd be missing out on besides voice controls?

I really just wanted the console for the games (mainly Titanfall and Quantum Break) but if its really worth it, I'll consider buying a Kinect off Ebay later on.

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Well they always said it's optional, so I'd imagine it'd be decent. Just the idea of Kinect is that you can quick select things using voice, and in the past 2 months of lets players, twitch and youtube showing off just how goofy Kinect is..... I believe you did the right thing.

I mean, I always wanted to have Kinect support in Assassin's Creed since brotherhood, and that's never happened. You know, do a small gesture and then an assassin guild member comes out and kills an enemy for you...... doesn't that sound simple enough?

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I'd imagine it's entirely usable. You won't get the voice commands that seem to be pretty useful but it doesn't look like the UI would be a hassle to get through.

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Totally useable, but not without some baffling menu and settings choices and locations.

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It's super fine. I don't use kinect at all (except for the face log in stuff) and I haven't had any problems.

It's not nearly as cumbersome to get around as people make it our to be.

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Once you get used to where everything is, it's fine without it. That being said, I usually keep my Kinect on...when it works it's pretty neat.

Definitely looking forward to the system update in March. The whole thing seems to be a step back from the 360.

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the kinect is pretty great in my opinion. It needs some learning, but works just fine and will probably get better as user feedbacks are implemented into the software. I still use the standar UI alot, has a lot of flaws, but for a controller UI, it works just fine.

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