IGN's Final 'Ask Microsoft Anything' 9/30 Update

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#51 Posted by GIyn (206 posts) -

Will the Xbox One be able to use the HD-DVD drive from the Xbox 360?

Whoever asked that is a genius.

#52 Posted by BigJeffrey (5312 posts) -

@isomeri said:

@blu3v3nom07 said:

@bigjeffrey said:

Full 1080p gamerpic? Not sure what that means.

From some videos it looked like it was the Microsoft Account Pics.

So I guess that this is a 1080 gamerpic. I love it! Sort of giant and stuff.. I dunno, I really like it.

I just want to know where the "following" and "followers" numbers come from. Does Xbox Live just pull them straight from Twitter or this this a new system of their own?

?? A new system, like following people to see what they are up too. X is playing Killer Instinct, X shared a clip from Dead Rising 3, ect.

#53 Posted by Andorski (5474 posts) -

@andorski said:

Man, the way IGN just softball their questions make me remember this PA comic:

Dan Hsu, the man who said in the pages of EGM he knew of corrupt games journalists working in the indusrty then refused to name them for fear of the repercussions. Real ballsy.

Snitches get stitches.

#54 Posted by Immortal_Guy (165 posts) -

I'm dissapointed that despite the promising move away from monopoly money to real money, Microsoft is still charging players to change their screen-name. Surely it's not just me who finds that offensively petty?

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