Is the XBone controller better than the XB360?

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#1 Posted by Trylks (964 posts) -

If so, in which ways?

The only difference I know about is the force feedback in the triggers.

Thank you for the info.

#2 Posted by BabyChooChoo (5392 posts) -

Personally, I think it just feels better to hold and use in pretty much every way. From the way it sits in your hands to the way the buttons, d-pad, and triggers feel. Everything about it just seems superior to the 360 controller. That's just my opinion though.

#3 Posted by TheMasterDS (2467 posts) -

Yes. In all ways.

#4 Posted by TooWalrus (13341 posts) -

I've only used it to play about 15 minutes of Killer Instinct at a friends. I thought it was fine, but it didn't seem particularly better to me.

#5 Edited by BigJeffrey (5135 posts) -

Yes I find it to be better to the 360 controller. D pad is way better, thumbsticks feels very good (360 thumbsticks feel very cheap now),

#6 Posted by DonPixel (2757 posts) -

IMHO I think its better: evolutive iteration of the same core design.

#7 Edited by Bulby33 (654 posts) -

I think everything about the controller is better except one crucial thing: the bumpers suck! Really, they're terrible. I hate them, especially when you have to hold them down (for example: using the telescope during ACIV: Black Flag). The D-Pad is a lot better, the analog sticks have really awesome grip, the triggers are the best triggers I've ever used, and the face buttons are really great, those damn bumpers just bug me, though.

I've been getting used to them the more I play (I try to position my fingers over them differently than I would on the 360 pad) but they continue to bug me.

#8 Posted by RawknRo11a (555 posts) -

@bulby33: yea, at first I had issues with the bumpers as well, especially in Killer Instinct. Once you get used to WHERE on the button they want you to put pressure and adjust the way you hold the controller (actually a more comfortable, relaxed grip) it becomes a non issue.

#9 Posted by egg (1619 posts) -

Yes it is better, it's compatible with Xbox One whereas the 360 controller is not.

On the other hand, 360 controller is compatible with the 360, whereas the One controller is not.

So I guess they are about even.

Solution? Buy both. Then you have the best of both worlds! (360 compatibility and One compatibilty) God bless our overlords at MS for providing us a variety of experiences.

#10 Posted by Joeybagad0nutz (1496 posts) -

The only thing I don't like is the Left Bumper and Right Bumper. Other than that? I think it's an improvement over the 360 controller.

#11 Posted by probablytuna (4229 posts) -

I think it's actually a little worse, even though the 360 controller is a little too big for my hands. The Xbone controller is smaller, which is good, but for some reason it's very slippery, I can't seem to get a good grip on it. I also feel that the triggers and bumpers are placed too high on the controller. If they could move the bumpers to where the triggers are and lower the triggers down a bit it would be better in my opinion. The sticks also feel really loose, but I think that's because I've been using the DS4 for quite some time now and I've gotten used to its analog sticks. I've only had one hands-on experience with the Xbone controller though and I didn't get to try out the vibration on the triggers, but that's my two cents.

#12 Posted by Sergio (2683 posts) -

I'm going to be one of the very few people who says no. I think the Xbox One controller is a step backwards from the Xbox 360 controller. Some of the ergonomic changes they've made caused my hands to cramp up with pain in my experience with it. The force feedback on the triggers really didn't add much for me, but perhaps a game in the future will actually make that feature worthwhile (Forza 5 wasn't it for me).

I'd suggest trying it out at a demo kiosk if you were considering switching from a 360 controller on PC to it.

#13 Edited by xaLieNxGrEyx (2646 posts) -

It's like the original Xbox Controller made love to the 360 controller and made some sort of disaster

#14 Posted by Hunter5024 (6447 posts) -

So is the dpad really really better? Because everyone told me that twistable dpad was way better too, so I spent 60 bucks on that thing and I still thought the dpad was garbage.

#15 Edited by pause422 (6275 posts) -

I'm actually always surprised by the amount of people that seem to feel the Xbone controller is a step up. I can't wrap my head around it, but whatever I guess. I find it entirely a step back, apart from of course the d-pad, but hey, anything is an improvement to that so its hardly a huge step.

Apart from the d-pad I find the 360 controller entirely still better feeling than the xbone controller, and the DS4 superior to both. Definitely my new favorite gamepad, I feel its the best I've ever used.

#16 Edited by isomeri (1791 posts) -

Excluding the rumble triggers (which might be a real game changer) all of the improvements are pretty minor but still welcome. The removal of the battery compartment in the back has improved ergonomics quite a bit, the D-pad not works pretty much the way you'd want it to, the textured surface on the sticks feels pretty good and I've actually really grown to like the way the new bumpers click in on the side. So yes, it is a better controller but not as big of a step up as from the S-controller to the 360 gamepad.

#17 Posted by ajamafalous (12509 posts) -

Guess I'll be one of the other few dissenters. I played with one for about an hour last week (Dead Rising 3 if it matters) and I came away disappointed.

Minor: The controller is shaped a little weird and didn't fit as smoothly into my grasp as the 360 controller does
Medium: The bumpers didn't really feel all that great
Major: I didn't like the way the sticks felt at all. Something about them just felt incredibly off. I'm not really sure what it was or if it was just because it was the first time I'd used it, but at no point did I feel like I was in control of what I was doing.

I didn't touch the d-pad at all so I can't speak to that, but my initial impression is super disappointing.

#18 Posted by Seppli (11233 posts) -

I wouldn't know. Xbox One still doesn't have a release date for the rest of the world.

#19 Edited by Superfriend (1644 posts) -

People who have only played with it for like 10 minutes or an hour.. I don´t think you really matter, sorry.

The controller is better. The sticks feel weird at first, but you get used to them. I find myself liking the PS4 controller better, but that one is just one of the best controllers ever.

The Dpad on the new Xbox controller works. It´s weirdly clicky and loud, but it WORKS. The same couldn´t be said for the 360 dpad. Man, that was a piece of crap. Yeah, the bumpers on the new controller are not ideal- but I don´t think they´re a dealbreaker. Depending on how you´re used to holding a gamepad they might stick out more. My guess is they will come out with a new version of the controller about a year down the road, but you don´t have to wait. It´s fine.

#20 Edited by Counterclockwork87 (917 posts) -

The sticks feel loose to me, doesn't that bother anyone? That's how the Dualshock 3 was and I hated that. The DS4 fixed that and the 360 had super tight sticks. I don't understand why'd they go looser when even Sony acknowledged they needed to make a change and gave their new controller tight sticks.

#21 Posted by Zero_ (2016 posts) -

I kind of think it's worse. I had a play with it the other day and was surprised and how much worse it is. The DPAD is super great, it's go this kind of clicky feedback that's nice to feel. But the triggers are weird, they're huge and they have this light squishy-feel to them, similar to the PS3. The triggers are also a huge issue like many have said. You can press it where your fingers end, but rather with the middles of the fingers. It's kinda weird.

#22 Edited by Zornack (240 posts) -

I think it's worse. I don't like the loose sticks, the way the bumpers aren't clickable on the inside of their arc and the way the triggers feel like their being pushed into felt. The d-pad is definitely better, though.

#23 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (3790 posts) -

In time as the rumble triggers get more game that use them it will seem better. Right now, I think the shape is okay for some, less good for others - that's a wash. The shoulder buttons are worse for sure, I cannot conceive of why they wanted to use a 'knuckle over' design for a controller that all sorts of hands have to use.

Overall, some people will get used to the good & bad of XB One joypad, but I think for a lot of users will be buying a 3rd party controller....and that's okay. I think 3rd party controllers SHOULD be a suitable option, everyone's hands are different and it is STUPID to think 50 million gamers should use a just one controller. Just consider how ludicrous that sounds to think everyone should use one size/shaped thing. People should buy what fits their hands, and both Sony and MS should encourage pro-quality 3rd party controllers.

#24 Posted by Village_Guy (2792 posts) -

After having used the XBO controller for a while and then going back and playing some 360 games, I can say that I much prefer the XBO controller. The size feels better in my hands, the battery pack isn't in the way. The only thing I think might be worse, are the bumpers but I don't hate them like some people seem to, I think they are okay - not bad, but not great either.

#25 Edited by AndrewB (7782 posts) -

It's really hard to tell if the design is worse because my hands have become so damned used to the design of the 360 pad since I've been using it for the bulk of my gaming on both 360 and PC for years now. My mind and my hands are so adapted to every curve of the 360 pad, the chunkiness of the sticks, and the range of motion in each trigger.

Give me a One pad for long enough and I think I could adapt. The biggest difference is, as has been reported everywhere, the bumpers. It's strange that Microsoft would stray from what most people called the perfect gamepad (minus the d-pad). The way your brain has learned to hit those buttons isn't the way you should, and although I see where MS was headed with the design feeling more "natural" in theory, in practice it goes against what anyone who's been at this for a length of time would be apt to do based on past design.

There's one lovey change that doesn't affect many gamers that I'll have to experiment with over time and endurance, but it feels like a very welcome change on the surface. The grooved coating over the thumbsticks provide the right amount of grip to where I don't find myself digging my nails into them as much. Longer nails do a number on those sticks, as you could see by looking at either of my 360 controllers. The coating becomes chopped up and wears down to pure plastic over time.

#26 Posted by UnblevbleTekkrs (12 posts) -

I have been using my Xbox One controller for the past month most days and have really enjoyed using it but couldn't really work out the major differences but over the Xmas break I have started playing my 360 again (due to lack of new titles on the XB1). When you switch between the two after adapting to the Xbox One controller, I found that it felt completely different. The Xbox 360 controller feels much smaller and compact but also heavier less precise. The new sticks on the XB1 controller feel much better and the weighting feels significantly better.

All round, just a better controller. Not revolutionary, just better.

#27 Edited by spookytapes (283 posts) -

I think it's worse. Those bumpers stink. I don't care for the sticks that much, either. They're looser. I don't like the fatter triggers with the shorter throw.

Edit: Lots of people are mentioning the battery hump being gone, and I agree that is a nice touch, but I used wired 360 controllers 90% of the time because I liked the feel of it better and that way I wasn't burning through batteries. I still think the wired 360 controller is pretty damn great. I played like 15 hours of Saints Row IV on it this weekend on steam and it still feels really good.

#28 Posted by HistoryInRust (6643 posts) -

Probably a little.

Specifically, I've grown especially fond of the general texture of the controller face. My hands don't seem to perspire as much while holding it, and there's a certain grainy tactile feel to the molding that keeps the controller comfortably cool to the touch.

I feel the same about the PS4 controller as well.

#29 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7097 posts) -

Better in some aspects, worse in others.

#30 Edited by BoOzak (1047 posts) -

@mariachimacabre said:

Better in some aspects, worse in others.

Yep. Here's my impression.

+ Better sticks, smaller with more grip, feels more responsive. - Curved triggers arent as comfortable to use. + Texture feels nicer - Too small + D-Pad isnt trash - Bumpers require too much force to use quickly.

#31 Edited by jsnyder82 (785 posts) -

I like it, but it's not as solidly built as the 360 controller. This thing feels so hollow on the inside, like it will shatter if you drop it.

PS4 controller is much better, though.

#32 Edited by Trilogy (2732 posts) -

Not for me. I don't like the feel of the sticks at all. Way too loose. The button presses feel off as well, and the L+R bumper button placement just seems like an oversight.

The d pad is obviously better, but I've been using the 360 twist d-pad, so it's not that huge of an improvement for me as it would be if I was coming from the original nightmare of a d-pad. I guess the rumble triggers are kind of cool. Got to try it out playing some forza.

#33 Edited by Klei (1799 posts) -

I like it, but to my surprise, I found myself disliking the trigger rumblers. It sounds and vibrates very cheaply.

#34 Posted by YOUNGLINK (586 posts) -

After a month of solid x1 controller use; I miss the 360 controller's tension on the sticks. Also not a big fan of the new bumpers. Big dead zone in games like Peggle.

#35 Posted by flippyandnod (506 posts) -

It's lighter. That's good. The old bumpers were better. The new triggers do nothing for me (including rumble).

I dunno, I guess it's a wash. I'll take the DS4 over XBOne controller. And strictly due to weight, over the 360 controller too.

#36 Edited by NorthSarge (274 posts) -

I think the bumpers are inadequate. It feels like they were more responsive on the 360. I like the feel of the triggers on the xone the new d-pad is fine (i had the rotating d-pad before so... its medium) the sticks may take some getting used to - they are just different in a way that i can't pin down, maybe not in a good way.

And i kind of miss the weight of the 360 controller. It was kind of comforting to have it weigh itself down in your hands (especially when it had that heavy little rechargeable pack on it). I never quite understood the fascination some people in the tech community (apple, etc) have with making everything lighter... I kind of want some weight & solidarity.

and the battery cover can be annoying to get off... very minor, but i liked the quick release on the 360 controller.

#37 Posted by GhostDragon (8 posts) -

The bumpers are loud. The controller is great. The grooves on the analog sticks are a welcome addition, and the controller feels more sturdy/comfortable than ever.

#38 Posted by pweidman (2446 posts) -

Better in every way except bumper feel and ergo(feels too close to me to indexes). D-pad is vastly improved as well as stick sensitivity. Love the trigger motor feedback on games that utilize it like Forza. One of mine is a little loose in terms of the shell, a little 'creaky' feeling when squeezed, but my other one is fine. Production variance maybe.

#39 Posted by spraynardtatum (4062 posts) -


#40 Posted by Nhoj_Sllew (189 posts) -

the sticks on the new controller are hella sweet. I can't go back to the old one

#41 Posted by jakob187 (22362 posts) -

For people with bigger hands, the overall feel of it...the ergonomics...are fucking delightful! I LOVE holding that thing.

I don't really care for the way the triggers are contoured, but I love the force feedback in the triggers.

Beyond that, it feels like a solid controller, not cheap and flimsy like the PS4 one.

I want this controller for literally everything I can use it for.

#42 Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (4213 posts) -
#43 Posted by Reisz (1607 posts) -

With the fucking Bat signal on the front? Pointed straight into my eyeballs? uh... No. No it isn't.

#44 Posted by Tajasaurus (1401 posts) -

Everything except for the bumpers, tbh. The triggers feel amaaaazing, though, so it's weird that the bumpers feel so plasticy and clicky. I like it, though. I just wish I had more reason to use it.

#45 Edited by Vuud (2052 posts) -

Does anyone who plays with it on PC have any compatibility issues with games? Like an older game that recognizes the 360 controller but not the X1?

And is there a wired version?

#46 Edited by JesusHammer (306 posts) -

It's fine, but it's still got nothing on the Duke. The Duke will forever be the best Microsoft controller.

#47 Posted by Vuud (2052 posts) -

@jesushammer: the OG Xbox controller is still the best. It convinced me that it was possible to play shooters without a mouse.

#48 Posted by Mister_V (1672 posts) -

It's a real nice controller. If I'm being picky I would tighten up the sticks a little bit, but other than that it's real good.

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