Is Zoo Tycoon the true Next Gen title?

#1 Posted by JazGalaxy (1638 posts) -

Absolutely no one is talking about Zoo Tycoon, for the Xbox One. Jeff didn't even know it existed before a few weeks ago, when someone on the podcast told him it was an xbox launch title.

That doesn't bode well, except for the fact that the Zoo Tycoon series is one of the best selling titles of the recent era. A WalMart staple, alongside Roller Coaster Tycoon, the game was on the shelves for years and years and people spoke highly of it.

Zoo Tycoon for the xbox One is one of the only titles I've read about that actually seems to USE the next gen features of this console generation.

For instance, the game uses the Xbox Cloud, supposedly, to allow up to 4 people to collectively create one park together online. No matter how dumb the game is, I feel like my brother and I would have a blast with that feature alone.

Apparently the game uses the Kinect to allow the animals in the game to recognize the player. That sounds pretty interesting. I guess it will also allow you to interact with them in a Nintendogs kind of way. I hate that kind of stuff, but my niece would be over the moon for it.

In the end, I feel like it definitely sounds more interesting than something like Ryse.

Is anyone planning to get it?

#2 Posted by BigJeffrey (5199 posts) -

No joke Zoo tycoon looks awesome

but i'll probably end up getting it once it goes on sale on LIVE.

#3 Posted by Itwongo (1563 posts) -

It looks good? I'll have to go dig up some footage and check it out then. I didn't have much faith in a new one after Zoo Tycoon 2.

#4 Edited by Blu3V3nom07 (4215 posts) -

I would honestly get it once it goes on sale yea. I skipped out for most all the Tycoon type of games.

I think it'd be pretty cool though if they released like an aquariam app, or something, that you could just leave running in the background, or on your phone. Sell it for a dollar, and its basically just Clicking Bad, but with fish. Million seller.

#5 Posted by Zeik (3486 posts) -

Call me when they finally release DinoPark Tycoon 2.

#6 Posted by GERALTITUDE (4638 posts) -

I hate zoos and would never support a game that glorifies them!

#7 Posted by xyzygy (10596 posts) -

It actually looks quite decent. I love the whole view system they have going on - zoo mout to get the classic, Tycoon overhead camera, or jump right into your Zoo and walk around like you own the place.

#8 Posted by Deranged (1944 posts) -

Doesn't look too bad. I wouldn't count on it blowing any doors away but perhaps a decent sleeper hit.

#9 Edited by TrafalgarLaw (1715 posts) -

Funny how they sent out a PC developer out to die by making this an XB1 launch title.

#10 Posted by I_Stay_Puft (5157 posts) -

Only if you can cause terror on the streets by releasing the animals on the city.

#11 Edited by NeptunePirate (16 posts) -

It looks interesting, but I'll wait for a good sale or a demo before I make a choice. I'm hoping they didn't nerf the park building side of it. Most of the videos I have seen show a lot of walking around, interacting with the animals and very little park management.

#12 Posted by Colourful_Hippie (5014 posts) -

Only if you can cause terror on the streets by releasing the animals on the city.

#13 Posted by ArtelinaRose (1918 posts) -

@zeik said:

Call me when they finally release DinoPark Tycoon 2.

Or the dinosaur expansion for Zoo Tycoon. And the aquarium one. I'd be genuinely excited then.

#14 Edited by csl316 (11207 posts) -

Well, it's no Funky Barn.

#15 Posted by jArmAhead (354 posts) -

I have to wonder how many of you people have seen it being played. It looks incredibly simplified from previous entries. From what I can tell, you can't really even create custom exhibits and habitats, it's all done for you and you have a couple of preset spots in each enclosure (all of which seem miniscule) to put what would have been "enrichment" items in previous games.

I was super stoked when it was announced, but I saw some footage with some producer talking it up and it looked like it had little to nothing of what made the original so fantastic. The walking around stuff was neat, but barely enhanced from when it was in Zoo Tycoon 2.

Hopefully I'm wrong and somewhere in there is the old school Zoo Tycoon game I'd love to see in pretty next gen-ish graphics, but I have severe doubts that this game has anything worth being interested in beyond it's name.

#16 Edited by Andorski (5470 posts) -

Rollercoaster Tycoon = Best Tycoon. Someone needs to get on that series again.

#17 Posted by jakob187 (22370 posts) -

Wow. Watching the demo, that's actually really awesome! I was expecting this to be kind of a janky-but-cool thing, but they really put some thought into making a really intriguing game.

The level at which they seem to use the Xbox One feature set is also nice.

Here's to hoping that game comes out and wrecks shop.

#18 Posted by JazGalaxy (1638 posts) -

@andorski said:

Rollercoaster Tycoon = Best Tycoon. Someone needs to get on that series again.

Of definitely. Rollercoaster Tycoon, the original, is one of the best games of al time.

It's also 1 of 2 games in my life I downloaded the demo, played for about 15 minutes, and then immediately got into the car to go buy the full version.

The other was the original Heroes of Might and Magic.

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