Launch Titles dissappointing

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Nothing really exciting, too many sequels, thoughts?

Assassin's Creed IV: Black FlagUbisoftWiki
Battlefield 4DICEWiki
Call of Duty: GhostsInfinity WardWiki
Dead Rising 3CapcomWiki
FIFA 14EA SportsWiki
Forza Motorsport 5Turn 10Wiki
Just Dance 2014UbisoftWiki
LEGO Marvel Super HeroesTT GamesWiki
LocoCycleTwisted PixelWiki
Madden NFL 25EA SportsWiki
NBA 2K14Visual ConceptsWiki
NBA Live 14EA SportsWiki
Killer InstinctDouble HelixWiki
Ryse: Son of RomeCrytekWiki
Skylanders: Swap ForceVicarious VisionsWiki
Watch DogsUbisoft MontrealWiki
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Nah, its fine.

#3 Posted by JJOR64 (19550 posts) -

This just in: Most launch line ups aren't super amazing.

#4 Posted by DarthOrange (4105 posts) -

I agree. The Wii U line up looks way better this fall. You should buy a Wii U.

#5 Posted by falserelic (5721 posts) -

better then the Wii U...

#6 Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (4204 posts) -

@falserelic: Hey man. You watch your mouth.. Next year!. Super Smash.. So, this Fall, next year.. Super Smash will be pretty great next year this Fall..

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Quick question: Is this the Official Launch Lineup?

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Both Launch Line-ups are hooo hum. Dead Rising 3 looks like a snoozer, Knack....meh. In fact the only officially annouced games I am salavating for on the next Gen are Infamous 3 and Destiny.

#9 Posted by mosdl (3388 posts) -

Both nextgen console's don't really have any really interesting pure exclusives at launch. I want my inFamous fix.

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@falserelic: @blu3v3nom07: Hey guys..Did you know Luigi will be playable in super smash....oh and we have exclusive Mario and Luigi costumes for rayman legends! sorry for the delay..

#11 Posted by falserelic (5721 posts) -

@falserelic: Hey man. You watch your mouth.. Next year!. Super Smash.. So, this Fall, next year.. Super Smash will be pretty great next year this Fall..

Yep, more super smash bros and more disappointments can't wait. I'm bout to party like a rockstar now.

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#12 Posted by mikey87144 (1997 posts) -

The launch line up is fine but even if it isn't welcome to buying a console at launch. It isn't worth it. Just wait a year and you'll get it for cheaper with better games.

(Says all that as he desperately refreshes playstation blog hoping they'll announce the console release date).

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@falserelic said:

@blu3v3nom07 said:

@falserelic: Hey man. You watch your mouth.. Next year!. Super Smash.. So, this Fall, next year.. Super Smash will be pretty great next year this Fall..

Yep, more super smash bros and more disappointments can't wait. I'm bout to party like a rockstar now.

Wii U smells like desperation and fritos.. Sounds like its all shitty vodka and kool-aid "shitty birthday drinks" for me when I finally get Super Smash in my hands. Cuz Mugen fucked that franchise for me in high-school, so eh.

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I have a friend who's trying to decide on a console before they're out, and I just say to him, man, what game do you even want that's coming out at launch? He doesn't have an answer, either.

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I think it's fine. Maybe a little weaker for PS4 but I think that depends on whether you like shooters or racing games in terms of exclusives. Forza and Killzone seem to be the heavy hitters. Killzone will be bigger simply because its a shooter but the racing crowd should be happy as well. Project spark could be cool, but not completely sold on it yet.

I think it's ryse and knack will sell simply because they are launch titles. Ryse looked worse, but knack doesn't exactly look incredible either. Both seem like titles that will be remembered only because they were available on day one.

Third party support is good. Not a lot of original titles, but you still have huge franchises coming to both consoles.

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If there is no surprise game at gamescom for launch (GIVE ME A FUCKING Launch HALO GAME), i'll probably cancel my Pre Order and just play GTA5 until Quantum Break, TitanFall, Ect... start to come out.

#17 Posted by Colourful_Hippie (4944 posts) -

That wouldn't be the first weak launch lineup

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@blu3v3nom07: Got to love kool-laid man though..

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#19 Posted by ThePhantomnaut (6272 posts) -

Killer Instinct is fun.

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I don't know. Some of those look promising. Watch Dogs and Assassins Creed 4 have potential to be great. AC4 is really at a disadvantage after AC3, but from what I've seen it looks neat. I'm personally excited for Battlefield 4 to play the Multiplayer.

Those three alone are enough for me to be excited for this holiday.

#21 Posted by TheHBK (5663 posts) -

Well, what amazing games are the new consoles missing? This goes for the PS4 also because that system doesn't have anything eye popping either. But you see that list, its hitting all the big marks. I love me some Basketball and Forza. And you have AC4, BF4, COD Ghost and Watchdogs. The years biggest games. What is really missing? I think what you see is that they are not next gen exclusive and that makes the launch seem weak but really its not. Better than other launches. They can't all be like the Dreamcast.

#22 Posted by TheGreatGuero (8882 posts) -

Grand Theft Auto V. The only game you need this fall, and you don't even need a new console to play it. YAY!

#23 Posted by Kidavenger (3883 posts) -

The exclusives are pretty weak, but so are the PS4's, and I think with the 3rd party games both systems probably have the best launch line ups in console history.

I really think MIcrosoft should have been able to put more out there considering they haven't had a major release in almost a year now while Sony has been blowing their load on PS3 and even Vita and still has more interesting games on the horizon for the PS4.

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The line of of games looks fine, and lest be honest most people will play on of those happily. They covered all the bases, so games at launch are not a problem.

#25 Posted by SomeDeliCook (2353 posts) -

Not interested in the 360 launch titles. I want to know the full PS4 launch titles. I know there's Killzone and Warframe and those are the only two I'll have, I hope there's something else too.

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Just because most of these games aren't exclusives doesn't make them anything less than what they are, damn impressive. And don't believe for a second you'll get an equivalent experience on PS3 and 360. Games like BF4, Watchdogs, Black Flag - they are built with beefy PCs and new gen consoles in mind. These games will be framey as fuck on yesteryear's console generation. Big ambitious games like these haven't been running all too well on consoles since way before 2011 really.

If you intend to get a new gen console anytime in the next 2-3 years - and have the cash handy - you'd be a fool to wait. There won't be a signifcant pricecut anytime soon, and any and every game will play significantly better on it. Sure - if you already own a beefy PC, you can run most these games in a similar or even better quality. Personally, my PC is slightly over 3 years old, built with low-high end parts. It won't run BF4 anywhere near as well as a PS4 will, and I definitely want to play BF4.

For comparison sake - 399$ is about the price of a low high-end current GPU, which would likely be bottlenecked by other areas of my system. Now's the time to upgrade to new generation consoles. I dare you to find a better deal building a PC for 399$ (or even just upgrading an existing one) that'll run these games as well as these boxes are bound to do. It can't be done.

Yes, there won't be many new gen exclusives at launch - however that point's really moot. We are spending our time on GiantBomb, so we are all apt to be *Gaming Enthusiasts*. Why wouldn't we want to buy front row seats? Take part in the console launch, experience it first hand? Do you really want ot be a bystander to gaming history? Really? I know I don't. I'll be there turning on my PS4 with the rest of you. I'll be on the inside, thank you very much.

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I think it's actually quite good for a launch lineup, and it only gets better when you count "launch window."
I feel like we need a thread that shows a side by side comparison of the launch titles between the Xbone and PS4. The PS4 looks a hell of a lot less "for the gamers" when you notice the distinct lack of non-sports games in their launch lineup. They have... Killzone? That's about what sets the PS4 apart at launch. Expand it out to launch window and they don't get much more. Are people really excited for Drive Club? Maybe it'll be amazing, but can it really be better than Forza or well, actually, it probably could be better than GT5 considering how half assed anything outside of driving was in GT5, but I still don't think it will be. All of the "social" features have been in Forza for a while for the most part. Oh boy, car clubs? That's new, totally.

I think if you're not a PC gamer, the lineup for the Xbone is really solid. Hell, I am a PC gamer and I'll be buying anything I can on PC but I'm still excited for the Xbone's first few months.

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#29 Posted by Lumley (999 posts) -

It's a fine lineup, I'll get Fifa, Watch Dogs and either Battlefield or CoD at some point. Considering Saints Row and GTA are out super soon (and that I've got a huge backlog) maybe I'll hold off and not get an X1 at launch.

#30 Posted by Vermisean (159 posts) -

I wouldn't necessarily say it's "disappointing", as there are games from most genres showing up which is always nice. I'm interested in Dead Rising 3 for sure, and if I didn't preorder a PS4 as well I'd be rocking Watchdogs on the X One.

#31 Posted by l4wd0g (2223 posts) -

I love Forza.

does something make the PS4 list more enticing?

#32 Posted by ez123 (2010 posts) -

It's pretty solid in terms of exclusives and Watch Dogs looks good. The theme seems to be flawed but fun. At least that's how they look.

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i can see at least 6 games i would be interested in buying so its fine by me

#34 Posted by big_jon (6155 posts) -

BF4 is all I need.

#35 Posted by BigJeffrey (5077 posts) -

Not Enough KNACK for you?

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Almost every single launch has few games. This is actually one of the better ones I've seen. I'm actually quite impressed. Forza, Killer Instinct, AC4, Dead Rising, Watch Dogs, and Ryse all look pretty sweet. I don't remember a launch where I actually wanted 6 games.

#37 Posted by zeo12 (70 posts) -

Dead rising 3 seems like a pretty solid launch title if you want to talk about exclusives, hope they fix the frame rate by the time it launches (listen to post e3 bombcast)

#38 Posted by UpsideDownAce (57 posts) -

I thought there would be more launch titles, but I guess a lot of the stuff for both systems is coming in 2014, understandably.

However, I'm pretty pumped about Battlefield 4. Seeing as I don't have a proper gaming PC, finally being able to play 64 v 64 player Battlefield will be awesome!

#39 Posted by Turtlebird95 (3083 posts) -

I think both the PS4 and One both have a solid launch lineup. Compare it to say, Wii U, 360, and PS3 and it's hard to be disappointed.

#40 Posted by GaspoweR (4130 posts) -

To be fair, this launch line up looks way better than the launch line up we had in the previous gen. At the very least, we're getting some pretty solid or good games for sure at launch. Sure most of them are sequels, but that's pretty much just a consequence of most of us being already playing a lot of said games and their previous installments so the feeling of it being "recycled" would just pop up but compared to what we had in previous gens, the quality of games we have now is a lot better. The only difference is that we are more discerning about the kinds of games or experiences that we prefer to have than in any other time as we are getting older and have already played a lot games at this point.

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I'm going to buy multi-platform games for PC, because it's way cheaper. If there are interesting and excellent exclusives, then I might consider buying PS4 / XONE. Not looking like that at the moment.

#42 Posted by Fearbeard (864 posts) -

I'm excited to play Assassin's Creed and Watch Dogs on next gen consoles. Forza 5 will be great if you are a racing fan. I also have to play Dead Rising 3. Sure it's changing some things up but the series needs a little shaking up. I'm definitely willing to give them a chance.

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