Major Nelson on how to redeem a code on XBOX ONE

#1 Posted by Andheez (621 posts) -

Major Nelson just dropped a vine on redeeming a code, I thought it was pretty neat.

#2 Posted by TheHT (12576 posts) -

That's nice.

#3 Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (4213 posts) -

That's like five seconds, neat! I'm guessing you would get emailed a code and you could just scan your phone on Smartglass like that.

#4 Posted by joshwent (2848 posts) -

Sure that's cool. Although my phone can do exactly the same thing (and I don't have to talk to it).

#5 Posted by JRock3x8 (285 posts) -

@joshwent: am I the only person who doesn't want to talk to any device, like...ever?

#6 Posted by GorillaMoPena (2683 posts) -

@jrock3x8: I don't usually, but if it is that fast I would rather do this than what I do now.

#7 Posted by Budwyzer (775 posts) -

A good use of the Kinect. I wonder if there will be an Out of Milk app.

#8 Posted by Colourful_Hippie (5008 posts) -

The full power of next-gen

#9 Posted by Vinny_Says (5911 posts) -

@jrock3x8 said:

@joshwent: am I the only person who doesn't want to talk to any device, like...ever?

It's people like you that prevent us from getting to the star trek future we all want.

#10 Posted by Humanity (11872 posts) -

This is something I crave every time I have to punch in some 25 digit DLC code.

#11 Posted by Sony4LYFE (19 posts) -

Sigh, Something Eyetoy has been able to do since the PS2 days. Keep your fisher price bootleg cam, micro$oft.

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@andheez: Moved to the Xbox One platform board - please review this topic before posting any further threads, thanks.

Also, you may want to take a look at the rules, specifically those on spam. I know it's a simple news story but we don't really want people starting new forum threads with essentially nothing more than a link saying "This is interesting, go read" for every random video game tidbit they find on the net. When you share something like this it should be accompanied with some of your own original thought, at least something more than a single sentence that will hopefully also promote discussion.

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@jrock3x8 said:

@joshwent: am I the only person who doesn't want to talk to any device, like...ever?

Yes. Yes your are. Stop holding back our digital future!

If you'd rather flip through menus looking for the redeem code button, the feature is there for you mutes.

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