Microsoft Gamescom 2013

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So a bunch of news came out of the show. Nothing crazy as far as I've seen. No release date which is a bit disappointing, but I guess they are waiting to see what Sony says and then adjust based on that.

- Kinect demoed for engadget. The demo itself was dumb, but the response times were impressive. I didn't really notice any lag. The tech seems to be there, developers just need to find meaningful ways to incorporate it into games. Touching your head turn on a function that the controller can handle is not cool.

- Full Launch Lineup. Seems pretty good

- Killer Instinct Launch Info

- The Division gets exclusive XB1 Content

- FIFA 14 Exclusive Ultimate Team Legends

- Peggle 2 and PVZ Garden Warfare Timed Exclusives

- FIFA 14 Free with all European Pre-Orders

- Kinect Sport Rivals Trailer

- Mojang's Cobalt coming to XB1 and 360

- COD Ghost Bundle and Dedicated Servers Confirmed for XB1

- Fable Legends Announced

- Ryse might not be as bad as it looked at E3

- Ubisoft's The Fighter Within for Kinect

- Indie Developer Initiative

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At this point you may as well include anything EA announces as Microsoft news.

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Dedicated servers for COD could be a big deal. People have been screaming about servers for years. No more terrible host migration, dashboarding and poor experiences for all those people without perfect connections. Someone needs to find out if that is only for the XB1 or for the PS4 as well.

For now COD is huge and the promise of dedicated servers for all Xbox one games could be huge. Yes, there is nothing stopping PS4 games from using dedicated severs, and yes they already exist for many games today. That's not the point. When you have the biggest console game on the planet running on dedicated servers for one platform and not the other, it's a big deal.

Will just have to wait and see if it's the same setup for PS4. It definitely could be, but considering how much money Microsoft gives Activision for all the DLC going first to Xbox, I wouldn't be surprised if dedicated servers are an XB1 exclusive feature.

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@spraynardtatum said:

That emotion detection stuff with the kinect just makes me gag. I'm sorry it's just so unnecessary to have that.

Yeah, maybe. Who knows how and if it will even get worked into games. Don't think it really hurts in any way. It's there. I doubt we will see many games reacting in real time to peoples facial expressions. Where is Peter Molyneux when you need him to say a bunch of nonsense?

For now, I'm most impressed by the launch lineup. Seems solid enough. I really want to see what sony has up its sleeve. There are 9 or 10 games on that list that are exclusive in one form or another that will be available on XB1 at launch on not on the PS4. It's a bit ridiculous. Plus so much more exclusive content for games.

I don't care how much money MS threw at EA. If it means Peggle 2 first on XB1, I'm fine with that.

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That Kinect stuff looks awesome.

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The only launch games I would get are Forza and Watch Dogs. But the FIFA deal for Europeans is a really good idea.

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Titan Fall dudes.

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I don't know how all that story stuff in Titanfall will play out, but the freedom of movement looks incredible.

Really hope it lives up to the hype.

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I love this console launch. Sony and Microsoft are really competing for consumers and we all benefit. I can't wait for Sony's press conference.

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I don't get why Europe get fifa for free? Cause they are getting screwed with an even later launch date? I would think giving americans fifa would help gain new fans, europeans already buy fifa in large numbers.

When i looked down that launch line up there where only a few games I'm interested in and I can get them somewhere else.

COD or Battlefield, I'll get one or the other. AC4 the last trailer I saw actually got me interested again. Watchdogs looks good, and after that there's several sports games and maybe a lego game.....its hard to get to pumped.

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If kinect works well, The Fighter Within needs to be the first step in creating an online multiplayer first person fighting game.

It apparently only has local play. That sounds like it will lead to countless people getting hit repeatedly. It might be fun, but they need to take the next logical step and figure out a way to make it work online.

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@bofooq said:

europeans already buy fifa in large numbers.

There's your answer right there. Using the "hey, here's a little something for the delay" excuse while at the same time using cross promotion with one of the big selling sports titles in Europe as a pack in is a pretty smart move. For Microsoft, it's probably more important to get consoles in the hands of their consumers than converting Americans into soccer fans.

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I feel the opposite OP. I actually didn't actually expect so many things to come out of Gamescom. My quick thoughts and some updates:

-Kinect Sports Rivals looks freaking amazing. This is what I wanted to see most at Gamescom. Those jetski sections look so freaking good(Wave Race next-gen!) and the Kinect tech continues to impress. Makes perfect sense to me to marry one of the better technical achievers with Kinect as RARE clearly still has it. Tennis looks fun too. Not sure about the rock-climbing sections.

-Dedicated servers for COD is huge. Duh.

- Dissapointed in KI's 6 character roster, but knowing by how long it takes me to master one, it should still take me a good 3 months. But....what do they mean no line? I hope that's in reference to the emulated original which case...don't care. I play it online just about every day and its awesome;)

-Titanfall...I refuse to watch such a crappy ass video of this game. Disappointed at whoever put that online. I just can't.

-FIFA 14......Xbox One wins Romania(and Turkey). Not that anyone will care and it will probably never get supported there officially anyway but...


-The Fighter Within...looked rough in the vid...need to see more.

- Fable co-op sounds really great. Cloud-only is awesome.

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-Ryse looks great as always. I like the coliseum idea. Definitely Gladiator-esque.

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-Battlefield 4 looks incredible. One of the better representations of next gen(though it appears a bit downgraded compared to the PC version they showed).

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Jesus! Ryse starts to look like Shadow of Rome. The PS2 era's most shamefully underappreciated game. Love how the obstructive and invasive buttonprompts of the E3 demo have been replaced with colorcoded outlines/silhuettes. Smart design!

Didn't think Microsoft would so soon tempt me so hard. Ryse fits the bill of potentially hitting exactly my niche of game, which could make it my must-play Xbox One game. Jesus!

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I want Kinect Rivals to impress me. I really wanna try and pick it up at some point. Just give me a reason to like it. I might be making a small gaming group with my brother and his wife, so this would be a pretty cool party game to start with. I'm honestly excited. :D

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