Next gen needs to ramp up quickly...

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...tensions are high. (just look at any msg board praising or decrying a next-gen game)

AAA games on *currentgen* (gta, last of us, gone home, bioshock) all have multiyear dev cycles.. it seems developers could have some hiccups/delays as well with ps4/x1.. (as expected, new tech)

but what happens when occulus has strong sales in 10 months? with the crystal cove dev kit comes out? they are going to get 2 competitors real quick.. that's what.. sony and ms would be stupid not to put preliminary r&d funds into VR now. PRONTO.. discuss

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I was following until I got to r&d funds.

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Uh. It'll ramp up when it ramps up. Don't rush it, this happens every time.

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What the hell.

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@duder2326: Occulus Rift...strong sales? Now I am sure this is a bot.

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I wouldn't call Gone Home a AAA game...

But anyways, it seems par for the course that it will take time for this generation to get into gear.

As for VR, I think the price for consumer models will make or break that right away, but then again I don't like speculating on things too much because the future contains so many unknown variables.

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Poorly articulated suppositional business advice; the best business advice.

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New Tetris is coming, give it time.

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VR is 4 to 5 years away in terms or mainstream caring about it. At that time, it will be time for another console. I would not pay 700$ for something like that. General consumers won't either, especially with the 4K cheap TVs just around the corner. So yeah, it's exciting, probably the future, but not for now.

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Are people complaining more in this generation then the previous one? Or does the internet just make it seem like that?

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The internet man... I wish there was a cure for my addiction to it.

I'm trying not to give a shit when people whine for this and that, but man, I jus't can't help myself. ohhh the song just popped into my head.

bass line man

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I guess it is because we interact with sites like GB all the time but it seems like a lot of people think the Rift is going to be this huge big thing out the gate that everyone is going to have and support.

I don't know about you guys but I'm not exactly in a hurry to rush out and spend hundreds of dollars on a thing that has little to no support right now of merit. I'm really glad to see people trying new stuff and having fun with it but other than people like ourselves on gaming sites, I don't think anyone really gives a remote fuck about the Oculus Rift. Maybe in 4-5 revisions of the hardware when they get through a lot of the issues and bring that cost WAY WAY DOWN I'd consider it, but as it stands now I don't see VR being any sort of anything in this current generation of consoles. Playstation 5 might come with a VR headset but I highly doubt that Sony or MS will bother with it at all this time around. The costs are too high and the real demand just isn't there yet.

At the end of the day I'd love to be wrong. I'd absolutely love a cheap, widely-available, widely-supported VR headset to take off in the market and be the next "big thing". I just don't see it happening any time soon.

(This isn't however to suggest once a final retail product hits shelves that someone like Valve won't push it hard on the PC side, as we've seen over the last year, the PC market is crazy.)

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I remember people whining about no games coming to the 360/ps3 for 6months+ post launch. Even blaming MS for not using their headstart.

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All I can assume is that there are a bunch of kids who have a next-gen system who haven't experienced a console launch before. After the launch titles it goes dry for months and you just have to be patient. It's the same for every generation.

Typically you also won't see really good stuff for 2-3 years after launch once the devs have got to grips with the hardware. As these consoles are just powerful PCs though this might be shorter this time around.

This goes for UI improvements too. If anyone can remember, when the Xbox 360 was launched you couldn't download something in the background. That's right, you had to select a demo to download and actually wait for it to finish before you could do anything else. Consoles evolve and adapt very quickly and it amazes me how quickly these things are forgotten.

Watch dogs and titanfall in March. Not too long to wait. There's also Dark Souls 2 and Stick of Truth to look forward to.

Or you could do a Cartman and freeze yourself in the snow until March?

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Next gen won't be for at least another 7 years.

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They really should launch consoles with an endless RPG - add in a decent newgame+ feature and let people go crazy until the real games come out.

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Sony is already putting money into VR. It isn't the HMZ thing but something else. MS is working on AR glasses. Project Fortaleza. AR has the greater commercial potential due to the fact the glasses can easily "disappear". Oculus won't be super mainstream for a while, if ever. MS and Sony don't have much to worry about.

Things will ramp up. But it takes time. It took 12 months for Gears of War and 12 months for Uncharted on PS3 and it took until 2007 until things got super crazy game wise.

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so high

much -wow-

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Hmm. I thought John Carmack would be too busy at Occulus for anonymous internet trolling. No matter. Welcome to Giant Bomb!

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moment of drunkenness sorry- the future is:

rogue-like-likes in VR

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Yo, Microsoft! Hit dat big ass r&d fund!

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@jimbo said:

Yo, Microsoft! Hit dat big ass r&d fund!

I'm glad someone beat me to this.

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Welcome to the beginning of every console generation ever.

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if you haven't played tomb Raider yet, great game.

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@duder2326: well to run a oculus game you will need a good pc also the oculus does not have a date or a price (i coud be over 300$)

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@amikron: true ps5 will have power for 4k 60fps and VR support at 1080p 90fps

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They've been out for 2 months... Be patient. Play some of your backlog.

Wait until E3 when a plethora of games will be announced.

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@jbg4: I bought a DC... great system. playing Armada, Wetrix+, and SFIII 3rdstrike :D

apparently theres a new shooter coming out too.. (HAH remember when shooters were shooters?)

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