No more bad behavior online on Xbox One! [Update]

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@ogred: Running with a rumor and treating it as fact makes you look like an idiot. If that's your thing, I'm not going to stop you. Luckily for you there is a video three posts above mine that will save you the trouble.

The whole point of the post was to stop more people jumping on this as fact and unfairly maligning Microsoft. I'd do the same for Sony or Nintendo. I have to ask myself why, because I don't even play consoles. Anyway, I don't have any problem with people airing their grievances as long as they are real. I'm just tired of seeing so much stuff on the internet essentially saying that Microsoft is literally Hitler. I don't care. Let's get back to talking about games.

how dare you! not being hive mind! makes you the enemy!....shits so fucked out, and I'm with you

I <3 how people throw around the words 'hive-mind' & 'witch-hunt'. You don't feel people have legitimate reasons to dislike the xbox one? Notice how the majority of people prefer the ps4 and aren't referred to as a 'hive-mind'. There are reasons why people hive together. And it's not because they enjoying bashing a faceless corporation.

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Anyone trolling the almighty deity that is SOE this shit? ya....

Now why wouldn't that be?...maybe because none of this applies to sony's console. With the ps4, I do not have to install my games to the system & I do not have to check in periodically to psn. You see how, even if i'm banned on the ps4 I can walk away with my games and play them on another console? Pretty shitty when people dismiss legitimate arguments as 'rabid fanboy crap'.


Fair enough, I knew xbox support

probably weren't the most accurate with this type of stuff. But I still expected a ban from xbox live would prevent you from doing 24hr authentication. I guess microsoft didn't fuck that up. Next time, i'll give them the benefit of the doubt, provided they don't f up for 2 weeks leading up to it

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It's most likely more so about modders/hackers and not about behavior online.... I'd think thats what the "rep" system is for as far as $h!t talking and what nots, I had a few friends with modded 360s and were banned from live but not the gamertag, if this is true this is the next step I guess.... kinda harsh but then again I guess being banned I sure won't be as simple as one complaint from a online match

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Wouldn't really be a big issue anyway even if it was true, just don't get banned..simple? Although I'm not sure how easy it is to get banned from Live, surely it's lack of common sense that results in most users copping the ban hammer.

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Take a drink every time Microsoft fucks up an Xbox One feature. Take another drink if it turns out to be false or later rescinded in some fashion.

I have already started this, but forgot to eat some waffles first. Now my body is full of regret.

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