Phil Spencer: Family Sharing. Will continue to add features.

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Carrot on a stick. That's nice but that's pretty freaking vague. What? When? Which parts? It's been months since the reversal now and this is all those of us who really care about this keep hearing.

I guess I'll just have to "continue to wait" to buy an X1. Especially since now MS is not requiring mandatory demos for digital games, this feature has become even more important.

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That sounds alright. As long as they put family sharing back, cool.

And this digital stuff is pretty near really. What with the fairly old rumor about how Microsoft wants to implement a digital-resale-marketplace, all this digital lifestyle wonderland sounds alright.

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Xbox One: With Features and More to Come Eventually! Trust Us!

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@jasonr86 said:

Xbox One: With Features and More to Come Eventually! Trust Us!

Exactly. I need a little more than that.

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That sucks about the demos, especially since they've already been doing it for xbla games on the 360 for years.

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I think that over time we will see a lot of the original features come back, at a much more acceptable rate so people will have time to get used to the changes. Originally the changes were so massive that the backlash was just a confused first impression of a very unique (console-wise) program. I do believe it and other features will come back. Microsoft has made it so that the features originally intended will be nullified with a firmware update required Day 1. Therefore, they can change these things in the future.

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