Possible Durango dev kit sold on Ebay

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Found this while surfing the inter webs earlier today. Supposedly the guy who goes by "SuperDaE" got his hands on the development kit for the XBox Durango and sold it on ebay for $20,100.00. This guy does have a known track record of leaking information about Xbox products, so it might be legit.

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i think it's bullshit cause the guy says he has 2 and it is way too early for indie or small devs to have the dev kits

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So a slightly under-powered PC without a custom case is out on the market?


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@Fat_Irish7890: I think it's key to remember that the leak isn't always a dev. In fact, the leak could come from some kind of microsoft employed group who for one reason or another has hands on this dev kit.

Not saying it's real, though. It's probably horse shit.

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More like "Definite Scam Sold on eBay"...

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why havent they announced this motherfucker yet?

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The dude has zero feedback on ebay. No one with zero feedback has ever sold something for that much and been a legit seller.

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