Rumor that Xbox One in Europe will get Fifa 14 Bundle

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Sounds like it would be the pack-in for the delays in previously announced shipping countries that they talked about before it turns out to be the case (maybe, guess we'll see).

It's a weird thing if true, since it doesn't completely offset the value issue vs. the PS4, it's still going be delayed to match the XBO's release in those countries, and retailers are going to be pissed over lost sales if this happens and MS doesn't reimburse them for that somehow.

It'd be pretty cool if MS would put some of this money they keep dumping into timed exclusives and timed DLC and actually build up a few 1st party studios to make games internally that people want to play. Everything they're dropping millions on just feels completely erratic and short sighted, a company without any long term vision when it comes to their new game console. I'm at a total loss to know where MS plans the XBO to be in 2-3 years, will they still be basing sales numbers on Call of Duty timed DLC and paying EA for timed exclusives, or will they at some point actually start investing in their hardware internally, as a software company?

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This as great news, I'm going to buy Fifa 14 on day one for whichever console I end up getting so I now see the Xbox One as now a £390 console.

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Seems like a smart move. Don't know if it'll sway many Sony fans but if anything would it would be FIFA

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