Rumours about further delay XBO in number of EU countries

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I want to preface this by stating that there doesn't seem to be concrete information so far, but Gamereactor recently published a piece in which it cites 'trusted sources' as saying that a number of countries, namely the Scandinavian territories, Russia, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Switzerland could be in for further delays in the XBO launch schedule there, from the already less-than-solid 'early 2014'.GRs sources claim that the 'nordics' (curiously, it makes no further mention of the non-nordic countries it mentioned earlier) may not see a launch until Q3 of next year. Gamereactor article

If true, this is bad news for MS. Individually, these are probably small markets, but taken together, they represent a significant consumer base, of which a large part may buy Sony (or Nintendo) if they are faced with an extended unavailability on Microsoft's part.

EDIT: NVM, apparently I entirely missed the previous thread on this, lol.

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Already a thread about it here

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