Sess Money and an interview with Albert Penello

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Well, he did seem a little nervous. But I like that at least he was genuine. And as always, Sess never fails to bring good questions.

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Cocaine is one hell of a drug.

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Cocaine is one hell of a drug.

Does anybody else always expect him to be wearing a leprechaun hat?

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I think Sess has a low threshold for obfuscation. It might not be exactly what happens, but IT SEEMS that Sess bases his question on what the other interviewers don't ask people. If everyone else is tossing softballs, Sess pulls out the harder questions.

I don't understand why people at Microsoft can't have a sense of humor about how much they screwed up. Smile, have a sense of self deprecation, and just be honest. Albert Penello's increasing blank expression of being challenged just comes off badly. When he blames consumers for not understanding Kinect that just doesn't make sense and shows how out of touch and defensive MS is still being.

Having seen the video (that honestly doesn't excite me much) all I can say is "That is three months old..." so that explanation is not good enough or new enough to matter. One new video EACH month about Kinect is what they need, they need to say it, say it again, and then say it a third time. "Say it three times" is part of advertising. And, yes, that means a budget of over 1 million in just making YouTube level videos that show off the Kinect in different ways. That means putting it in consumers hands too; not journalists, not actors, but putting it in consumers hands like at PAX as much as possible.

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Sess seems to be on speed every time i see a interview. A good interview though.

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I thought his answers seemed honest and on point, I really don't have that big of a problem with kinect being included, just the big price gap.

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Was a good interview.

Particularly interested in what Kinect will do. I've never really thought of the ways in which developers can take advantage if EVERYONE who owns the console will also have a Kinect.

Time will tell anyway.

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