Stereo headset and Adaptor priced - early march

#1 Posted by AndyMc1888 (87 posts) -

80$ for the headset seems good but cant help feel getting ripped off at 25$ for the adapter alone! No doubt in the uk get screwed even more, still no mention of any wireless headsets either hopefully this is the start of that information coming out.

#2 Posted by big_jon (5657 posts) -

yeah, 25$ is high, but no suprizing. But if I want to be able to use my Astros I'm willing to pay it.

#3 Posted by DoctorTran (1526 posts) -

I'm actually tempted to get in on the headset. As much as I love the headset I have, I'm kind of in the market for something new.

#4 Edited by inspectah (78 posts) -

Yea , I order mine as soon as i was able to. I was hoping for it to cost 15-20 the most .....

#5 Posted by Nashvilleskyline (186 posts) -

yeah, the headset looks nice. Not alot of spec details on the microsoft store though.

#6 Posted by FuriousJodo (111 posts) -

Got a notice that mine should arrive by March 11th.

#7 Posted by CByrne (146 posts) -

Ugh, Amazon slated this for the 2/17 when I ordered it. I just noticed I haven't got it yet.

#8 Edited by Sooty (8082 posts) -

Huh it costs $25 for an adapter?

My AKG 451s have a built-in microphone that even works for the PS4 voice chat, all from a consumer friendly 3.5mm jack on the controller.

You'd think the higher price of the Xbone would make Microsoft not feel the need to nickel and dime you over these things, then again they have a terrible record when it comes to console deals and being consumer friendly.

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