The UI.. Two steps forward "ONE" Step back?

Posted by ikilledthedj (369 posts) 1 year, 5 months ago

Poll: The UI.. Two steps forward "ONE" Step back? (78 votes)

Love it 9%
Hate it 17%
Bring back NXE 3%
Just needs work 33%
PS4 Got it right 28%
Im a BETA tester 10%

Reading this over on EDGE i couldn't help but agree with it all, imo nothing really works as it should it all feels broken or unfinished and a major step back from the 360. I don't want to get into massive flame wars about the console just a general opinion of if you like it or not

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So far as I'm concerned, every Xbox interface since the Blades has been lousy at best.

#2 Posted by Hunter5024 (6364 posts) -

I see what you did there.

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'Bring back the Blades'

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#5 Posted by afabs515 (1440 posts) -

BOOOOOOOOOOOM! That's all I came in to say.

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I think it does a lot of new stuff in really awesome ways, and it also does a lot of old stuff in really terrible ways.

I kind of trust MS to improve it though, the 360 dashboard saw constant major upgrades, I think we'll see faster iteration with the One and a lot of the things that are really annoying right now will get resolved.

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I think it's great. Just don't like that if opens a new window for answering messages etc. I would prefer an overlay window directly with the keyboard layout and then back to the game or whatever you are doing.

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It's overly complicated and messy for something that should be very simple. The whole multi-tasking thing with a console is just stupid, much like multi-tasking with a Roku; it's worthless functionality that only impedes the performance of the OS. Sony got it right, simple is better.

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It has grow on me:

- Visually I like it

- I like to play arround with tile positions

- Good multi tasking-capabilities

In the other hand: they need serious work with Achievements and Parties, like serious work.

#12 Posted by Hayt (531 posts) -

I voted "love it" but thought we were talking about the pun so discount that

#13 Posted by JCole360 (31 posts) -

well least in the end it's a step forward, right?

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From what I've seen(It's not out here until Q4 2014) it really reminds me of the tvs in the movie 'Idiocracy'. That isn't a good sign at all.('Ow! My Balls' only on Xbone coming Q4 2016)

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