This thing looks...ugly.

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#1 Edited by shivermetimbers (774 posts) -

I'm not going to jump on the gossip bandwagon here, I'm just going with what we know: how the console looks. It looks like something we would see from a early 90s CD-ROM based console like the 3DO or Philips CD-I, except even more ugly and unattractive.

I also have a small nitpick: I prefer consoles that are set up vertically, as it leaves more space on the floor, but this big piece of crap is going to take up a lot of precious space.

Really that's all I can say about the console right now. But who knows, it may be a great piece of hardware.

#2 Posted by Milkman (16800 posts) -

I think it looks fine.

#3 Posted by ConfusedOwl (942 posts) -

Honestly, I think one of the only things I LIKE about the new Xbox is the design. Maybe I'm just weird though.

#4 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19342 posts) -

It's a huge brick, which is unappealing, but I think it looks fine other than that.

#5 Posted by shivermetimbers (774 posts) -

I should've made this a poll, as I'm rather curious as to what people think of the design.

#6 Posted by Andorski (5310 posts) -

I actually love the clean look to it. Will it not stand on its side though?

#7 Posted by Abendlaender (2806 posts) -

I looks a bit like my old, old VHS player but I kinda like the design.

#8 Posted by Nictel (2412 posts) -

It's an ugly console but a nice looking entertainment center

#9 Posted by Animasta (14692 posts) -

I think it's ugly lookin too, two different shades of the same color rarely works well.

At least do black/dark green or something.

#10 Posted by Bribo (605 posts) -

It's not PS2 ugly or original Xbox ugly, though.

We've seen worse.

#11 Posted by villainy (558 posts) -

Eh. It looks like something you'd shove into an entertainment center. It's fine.

#12 Posted by ShaggE (6456 posts) -

I like it. That no-frills 90s vibe (while still looking modern) is really cool. I don't care for the alternating matte/gloss look, though.

I think I mostly like it because I was fully convinced that they would go in the other direction and make it look ridiculous. This looks... I hate to use this word, as it implies things I don't mean it to, but... "respectable". Better yet, it looks solid. The 360 always gave off a fragile vibe (and not because of its reliability issues), whereas this looks like it was built to last. I'm sure that was intentional, for obvious reasons.

#13 Posted by Jimbo (9813 posts) -

Looks ugly, like an old VHS or Betamax. But from the side it looks a bit like one of those things Jawas drive around in, so that's neat.

#14 Posted by TheCreamFilling (1225 posts) -

I will like it if it doesn't have a power brick.

#15 Edited by Ravenlight (8040 posts) -

Who cares what it looks like? It's going to sit in your entertainment center and you'll never see any part of it except the disc tray.

#16 Posted by Lego_My_Eggo (1053 posts) -

@andorski: There are vents on one side, plugs on the other, so highly doubt it.

And i agree it looks ugly. The way they change the matt and gloss finish on the top and front annoy me greatly for some reason, but there are far uglier consoles.

#17 Posted by TruthTellah (9100 posts) -

Looks alright to me.

Heck, this shot of it looks kind of nifty.

#18 Posted by RVonE (4638 posts) -

I don't think it looks too hot but it'll mostly be out of sight anyway. What worries me more is that giant ass Kinect sensor. I've decided that I don't want it anywhere near my TV so I guess I won't be using half of the features shown today.

#19 Posted by CrazyBagMan (842 posts) -

Nice hard clean lines. Looks great to me.

#20 Posted by warxsnake (2650 posts) -

Not that Id ever buy one because I already have a PC, but the hard cut between matte and glossy on the front panel is a pretty fugly feature.

#21 Posted by Snail (8606 posts) -

It's bulky and huge. It looks like a VHS player. That picture doesn't seem to be the most faithfully representative of the console though. Here's another one.

#22 Edited by hidys (1029 posts) -

It's clearly designed to not look like a video game console, but to instead look like all the other boxes underneath the television.

Whether or not that is a good thing or not is debatable, me personally I don't give a fuck.

#23 Posted by Clonedzero (4200 posts) -

i actually really like the look of it. the solid box feel to it. feels functional.

Like it looks like it'll be super reliable and never break. just by the box design, sure it could be the whole RROD thing again, but it LOOKS like you could throw it out the window and it'll still work. I like that.

#24 Edited by Cynical_Gamer (97 posts) -

#25 Posted by gike987 (1755 posts) -
@rvone said:

I don't think it looks too hot but it'll mostly be out of sight anyway. What worries me more is that giant ass Kinect sensor. I've decided that I don't want it anywhere near my TV so I guess I won't be using half of the features shown today.

Kinect is required for Xbox One. It won't function without Kinect plugged in. So you will have to have it somewhere close to your TV.

#26 Posted by Ares42 (2667 posts) -

I think the best way to describe it is clunky. That could be seen as both positive or negative based on your perspective, but I'd say it's overall not a design that will sell the machine to the masses in the current environment. I might be wrong but I'm fairly confident in saying people in general still prefer small and slick design.

#27 Edited by Alexander (1721 posts) -

It's abhorrent, I can't believe that in 5 years a design team couldn't come up with something that wasn't so uninspiring and awful to look at.

@snail said:

It looks like a VHS player.

...crossed with an AC unit.

#28 Edited by RVonE (4638 posts) -

@gike987 said:
@rvone said:

I don't think it looks too hot but it'll mostly be out of sight anyway. What worries me more is that giant ass Kinect sensor. I've decided that I don't want it anywhere near my TV so I guess I won't be using half of the features shown today.

Kinect is required for Xbox One. It won't function without Kinect plugged in. So you will have to have it somewhere close to your TV.

What the fuck, is this for real?! I wonder if it'll work if I just bury it somewhere behind my amplifiers. If not, fuck that bullshit.

EDIT: to be clear, for me it's not about the functionality of the Kinect--even though I couldn't care less about it--it's just that I think that it looks hideous and I don't want shit cluttering up the space around my TV.

#29 Posted by mrfizzy (1529 posts) -

I think it has been designed to look like something that can sit in your TV cabinate alongside DVD players etc and not look like a games console. I don't love it but it don't hate it either.

#30 Edited by Godlyawesomeguy (6398 posts) -

I really like the design and name, actually.

The focus on media I will never use, on the other hand.....

#31 Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials (2387 posts) -

I kind of like that it looks like a 3DO or a Nuon or something.

It's appropriate since their current approach is basically a 2013 version of "multimedia".

#32 Posted by PontiusPyrite (32 posts) -

I hate how its just split down the middle

#33 Edited by Reisz (1497 posts) -

It's not outlandish enough to be ugly, at it's worst it's conservative and boring, but It's clean and the lines are consistent throughout all the peripherals, I much prefer some of the prototypes wired is showing but when it comes down to it, it's a big black rectangle, how bad can it be?

#34 Edited by hughesman (312 posts) -

Not sure I'm digging the checkerboard thing, but whatever, It's a box. Also, that looks like a feed drive as apposed to the crappy disc tray that kept breaking on my 360, so that's good i guess.

#35 Posted by Thumbrunner (132 posts) -

It is a game console does not matter what it looks like on the outside it's the stuff that shows up on the TV that counts.

It seems like an all in one device no more power brick I make this assumption due to the power cable port being similar to the original Xbox and all of the Playstations.

None of what they said surprised me at all.

Pretty much what I expected for being 20 days away from the electronic 3.

#36 Posted by DrSwank (442 posts) -

While I agree with OP, I think it will look amazing and relevant when they come out with color schemes (which match the flat design on Win8/XboxLive). And... white with black trim will be StormTrooper Edition of my dreams.

#37 Posted by development (2335 posts) -

Aside from the dual-tone and dual-finish of it, and the grating (vents?) on half the top, I think it looks fine. They should really make it single-tone and single-finish, as well as fix that fuckin' gross-ass vent shit on the top. In terms of actually purchasing it, though, the looks would only ever factor in for me if it was a giant pink cock, and I'd probably still buy it even then. If it's worth buying, I'll buy it.

...Doesn't look worth buying, though...

#38 Posted by selfconfessedcynic (2562 posts) -

I think it looks ugly as sin (though it looks okay from one or two angles, much like an ugly member of the opposite sex can sometimes have a good angle or two).


#39 Posted by wrecks (2258 posts) -

I like it. But I still have and use a 1971 Kenwood Amplifier. Retro Electronic styles just do it for me.

#40 Posted by laserbolts (5322 posts) -

Looks great to me. The name on the other hand.

#41 Edited by Daneian (1229 posts) -

The look is the only thing I like about it.

#42 Edited by FunkasaurasRex (847 posts) -

I like it. It looks like a motherfucking box that plays games.

#43 Edited by crusader8463 (14422 posts) -

It looks like a PC case that got squished down a little so it's not as think and flopped over on its side. I keep expecting to see an Alienware logo on that thing somewhere. Also, holy fuck that thing is HUGE! Maybe they will bring back the Duke to go along with it?

Anywho, the only thing that got me even slightly interested during that Stream was the Halo TV series and when they implied that it's going to be exclusive to live that excitement instantly went out the window. Still have not seen a reason to get this thing yet. Maybe at E3 they will reveal a bunch of awesome games that blow me away, but so far I'm a solid pass on the X-Box 3.

#44 Edited by Turtlebird95 (2390 posts) -

People are finding the stupidest things to bitch about with this console.

#45 Edited by Zelyre (1200 posts) -

It's ugly in a 80's VHS tape player kinda way. So, I sorta like it.
I do not however, like the half matte/half piano black look.

#46 Posted by Sackmanjones (4705 posts) -

I don't think it's the best looking console but overall I'd say its fine.

#47 Edited by crithon (3258 posts) -

I miss the inhale

#48 Posted by 49th (2758 posts) -

I doesn't look too bad. It's nice and square and chunky. Squares are cool.

#49 Posted by AngelN7 (2970 posts) -

Eh as long as it doesn't overheat ... I don't think I've ever cared about the look of any console after a while you just kinda forget about it.

#50 Posted by RuthLoose (816 posts) -

Love how half of the console is a heat vent. They learned their lesson this time around. Surprised it doesn't come with a meat locker and a guarantee that you will not put this on without a Coors Light in hand.

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