This thing looks...ugly.

#51 Posted by vinone (141 posts) -

I actually like it.

#52 Posted by tonyp2121 (169 posts) -

I think the console and the Kinect look fine though I think the controller leaves more to be desired.

#53 Posted by hakunin (398 posts) -

I really like the look of the box alot. And that's about the extent of positive feelings I have about the XBONE

#54 Posted by devilzrule27 (1239 posts) -

Theme of this new generation is ugly controllers.

System looks nice, to me anyway. It's simplistic and I like that.

#55 Posted by Bourbon_Warrior (4523 posts) -

I love it, looks like a console Atari would put out in 2013.

#56 Posted by Slag (5178 posts) -

Who cares what it looks like? It's going to sit in your entertainment center and you'll never see any part of it except the disc tray.


#57 Edited by TheSouthernDandy (3947 posts) -

I don't mind it. It's sorta blocky in a way I can get behind. Once I stick it near/under/around my tv though I wont think about how it looks again.

#58 Posted by Respighi (23 posts) -

But here's the most prescient question: will it blend?

#59 Posted by xyzygy (10103 posts) -

I actually love how it looks. Minimalistic, not too flashy.

#60 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (6170 posts) -

I really like it.

#61 Posted by JCGamer (671 posts) -

I have a feeling that the PS4 will look a lot like this actually. We'll at E3. I also think the thing looks fine. Like something designed to go into your media center.

#62 Edited by Karkarov (3456 posts) -

it looks like a set top box for cable/satellite tv. Which I imagine is intentional since they seem more concerned with getting you to use it as an Home Media/Theater box instead of an actual game console.

No reverse compatibility and forced kinect are painful to even think about. Motion controls were a catchy gimmick but they don't enhance games in any meaningful way, requiring a motion device to work is well... stupid. The people that wanted kinect would have bought it anyway. Another kick to the jimmy is the lack of support for Xbox live Arcade purchases. Any games you have on your current Xbox from the Arcade have to be repurchased on the One. Pretty bad show Microsoft.

But CoD has a dog so it is all okay right?

#63 Posted by TheHT (12098 posts) -

it's the closest to a box the X-box has ever been.

#64 Posted by LiquidPrince (16297 posts) -

Looks like a VCR.

#65 Posted by MikkaQ (10346 posts) -

It looks like a hi-tech NES to me, I'm fine with it. It goes under the TV and then I don't look at it for 5 years, so whatever.

#66 Edited by drgrumbles (214 posts) -

It looks like my cable box, isnt that what it is trying to be?

#67 Posted by Zaccheus (1813 posts) -

I think it looks pretty good actually, although it is fucking huge. Ultimately it doesn't matter AT ALL what it looks like.

#68 Posted by Rasmoss (493 posts) -

Yeah, it's ugly. It looks like two boxes glued together.

#69 Posted by TheHT (12098 posts) -

i'm coming around on the whole 'big ugly box' thing. i'm starting to wish it add some dull brown and really make it look like something old.

#70 Posted by Alekss (327 posts) -

I think it looks really cool

#71 Posted by TehBuLL (624 posts) -

It looks like an HD cable box. If Comcast gave me this instead of an HDDVR I wouldn't blink twice except wondering why there is no LCD display on the front. Hey! Why isn't there a display on the front? Lame.

#72 Edited by 2HeadedNinja (1837 posts) -

I'm not too fond of the design, but the best explanation for it that I read is that they probably just needed more space to make sure there won't be another red-ring-wave with this thing. If they chose functionality over form for that reason that seems smart to me.

#73 Posted by Fobwashed (2311 posts) -

@snail said:

It's bulky and huge. It looks like a VHS player. That picture doesn't seem to be the most faithfully representative of the console though. Here's another one.

I almost never look down at a console from above like that and since it won't be standing vertically, that's not an angle I'm likely to ever see apart from when I'm setting it up.

I looks a little thick but besides that, I like the clean sharp angles as well. It's actually reminiscent of the first model PS3 cept being angular. In my opinion, it's way better than the original Xbox, better than the faceplate 360 and about on par with the squat 360.

I dig the controller but I'm one of those people who think the 360 cont is currently the best and most comfortable console controller so take that as you will.

#74 Posted by PoisonJam7 (368 posts) -

I agree with TC, it is pretty ugly. I also don't care for the name either. It makes no sense. This is the THIRD Xbox, but it is called Xbox One? I don't understand the logic behind this decision.

#75 Posted by randiolo (1110 posts) -

To me it looks like a total rush design, just a two tone box with a grate on top and plasticy as shit. Like a beta max.

#76 Posted by Bell_End (1203 posts) -

i think it looks great.

like a piece of hifi that would sit underneath my receiver.

it also looks well made. unlike the cheap plastic feel of the 360.

#77 Posted by Cold_Wolven (2336 posts) -

It is kind of unattractive, looks like a prototype mock up you sometimes see on the internet.

#78 Posted by Humanity (10711 posts) -

I think it looks fine. Looks huge but thats a side thing. I like the simplistic slick aesthetic in that you can put it on your shelf and it doesn't immediately stand out as a game console.

That said, I never go ahead and admire how pretty my gaming console is when I'm turning it on from my couch so it's not really an issue.

#79 Posted by JoeyRavn (5000 posts) -

I think it looks fine. It fits the aesthetics of the kind of hardware you find in a media center, which is what this console clearly aims at being. I much rather have something that blends in with the rest of my living room than the odd-man-out that was the original 360 (and to some extent, the redesigned one).

#80 Posted by Winternet (8088 posts) -

It looks like a big ass VHS player. Like a Sony VHS player.

#81 Posted by SomeJerk (3496 posts) -

Atari 5200

Jaws will drop at the PS4 chassis unveiling only because it won't take the XbOne route of chassis design. Sony did right in not showing it off.

#82 Posted by isomeri (1540 posts) -

It doesn't look as great as the 360, but then again I'll only care about that for one day when I plug it into my entertainment center.

#83 Edited by FesteringNeon (2175 posts) -

Architecture is a beautiful thing when done properly, and I love seeing how concepts come to life. I think the newest XBOX360's look fantastic, and was hoping to see something similar in this direction, but I didn't see it? Maybe? I dunno.

It's so hard for me to not to sound like a Sony Fanboy.. but in all honesty, I hated the Fat PS3 Superman font, and don't like the newest slim's design either, but I thought Sony's first slim design on the PS3 (and PS2) were some of the best console designs of all time though. Truly, works of art. I'd also say the newest 360 model isn't too far behind.

That all said, I think the XBOXONE's visual design is pretty atrocious. I can see dust getting crammed into the ridges nooks and crannies on top, and having to Q-tip that shit out a couple times a month. It made me think of the cheap looking last version of PS3 slim out right now, mixed with a huge clunky looking VCR like numerous other people have already mentioned.

Maybe seeing it in person would help me to form a different opinion though. Who knows.

#84 Posted by SharkEthic (1072 posts) -

In the end, I don't really care how it looks (especially since I won't be getting one), but seeing it for the first time, my initial reaction was that it looked really unattractive. And like a VHS player.

#85 Posted by shivermetimbers (800 posts) -

I must say that I'm genuinely surprised at how many people say they like the design. Should've made this a poll instead of a stupid rant, like I said earlier. I want a percentage or a ratio of some kind. I guess I just don't like the 90s VHS player/entertainment system mentality of it.

#86 Posted by Seppli (10250 posts) -

Not digging the vibe I'm getting from it. The lack of playfulness is disturbing. It's literally a black box, ready to record every moment of my life with its creepy soulless eyes - for the flippin' CIA.

#87 Posted by Extreme_Popcorn (842 posts) -

I like it, it's got that BraUn look about it.

As for it's size, it's basically a PC in a box, have you seen how big PC's are these days?

#88 Posted by MachoFantastico (4965 posts) -

Looking at it a day later, yeah I'm certainly not a fan. Even when you compare it to the current Xbox 360 which looks a hell of a lot better than this. I'm sure it'll get design revamps along the way but it looks as if it's been designed without any artistic input whatsoever. It's strange when you compare it to the Xbox 360 S.

#89 Edited by JZ (2120 posts) -

It looks just like the dvd player I bought in 2002

#90 Posted by Grilledcheez (3982 posts) -

It is kinda ugly to me, but I bet it won't melt like the 360

#91 Posted by mordukai (7228 posts) -

Looks like a DVR box. Box design is okish but the color scheme is awful. Those two shades do not work at all.

PS: Nice to see it took MS only 12 years to design a decent D-Pad...

#92 Posted by RazielCuts (3002 posts) -

Its funny after the hubris of Major Nelsons tweet 'Announce a console without actually showing a console? That's one approach' back in Feb to then see their's yesterday and think 'Yeah, it's a big black box like we all thought it would be.'

#93 Posted by oldenglishC (1060 posts) -

Other than the two tone design, it looks alright.

I prefer consoles that are set up vertically

Only crazy people think this way.

#94 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (3296 posts) -

@milkman said:

I think it looks fine.


It looks fine. A neat clean box with some highlighted bits. The controller seems a bit "jelly bean" or "puffed up" and that is not to my taste, but even that is fine. The box looks inoffensive and that is better than nothing.

#95 Posted by NTM (7685 posts) -

Eh, it's fine. It's a little big, but that's about the only thing I dislike.

#96 Edited by Imsorrymsjackson (853 posts) -

I think it looks all kinds of shitty.

#97 Posted by selbie (2013 posts) -

At least the OG Xbox had a giant fucking X across it. I'm ok with crazy designs, but this is just completely uninspired.

#98 Posted by shivermetimbers (800 posts) -

Alright, having got my hands on one last week and playing around with Ryse and Dead Rising 3, I can say that I think it looks pretty slick and the controller is pretty good too. If Ryse is any indication, this console is capable of some pretty good looking stuff. Now, if only we can see an evolution in gameplay, that would be good. But it looks like Titanfall and Sunset Overdrive at least have some sound ideas.

#99 Posted by Sergio (2391 posts) -

I think it looks fine. Second best looking console that launched in 2013.

#100 Posted by BigJeffrey (5215 posts) -

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