Weak Controller VIbration?

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Hey duders.

I just got my hands on the Xbox One and I am pretty impressed with the thing. However, I am pretty underwhelmed by the controller's vibration capability. This feature was held in pretty high regard by everyone I knew who had used the controller, but the vibration feels extremely weak. Am I missing something? Is my controller faulty?

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@akeldama: What game are you playing? The trigger vibration isn't active in most games yet and Forza 5 is pretty much the only game which uses it to any real extent.

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@isomeri: So far, I have played BF4, Peggle 2, Ryse, Killer Instinct and I am downloading Forza 5 as I type this. All of the games have had pretty lame force feedback. I do remember Jeff saying Forza's use of the vibration was incredible. I guess we shall see for sure whether the controller is busted or not when F5 is installed and ready to go.

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Have you switched batteries? The vibration dies down as the battery level drops.

i've played tons of dead rising and the vibration has been pretty strong.

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@bigjeffrey: Hadn't considered that. I haven't swapped out the batteries in some time. I just realized I have no idea how to check the controller's battery level. A cursory Google search has shown me this feature does not exist as of yet. Holy shit, MS.

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@akeldama: Yeah, as someone with an Xbox One the fact that I can't see battery level is crazy. Doesn't help that I feel the battery life is a good amount shorter than a 360 controller. Kind of miss just pressing the guide button and seeing that interface. Though I don't exactly hate the One's it's just they could have kept a lot of good features from the 360.

As for the vibration, Halo: Spartan Assault uses it a little and I can't say I'm blown away. It's neat I guess.

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@akeldama: yeah, there is suppose to be a HOT patch coming but it behooves me that there is no battery indicator.

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@bigjeffrey: Just ripped out the batteries and tried Forza 5 with the controller plugged in directly to the box. Vibration was better, but still extremely underwhelming.

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@akeldama said:

@bigjeffrey: Just ripped out the batteries and tried Forza 5 with the controller plugged in directly to the box. Vibration was better, but still extremely underwhelming.

I guess it's a completely personal experience but with shooters, particularly Battlefield and Ghosts, the vibration definitely helps and I welcome it back after spending nearly six years without it. But yeah, I'm pretty sure the only game that really takes advantage of the rumble triggers (or whatever they're called) is Forza 5 and when I used it on my cousin's copy, it was ridiculous.

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