What do you think of the new friends and follow functionality?

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Poll: What do you think of the new friends and follow functionality? (33 votes)

I will follow thee! 24%
I will follow a few people 15%
It may be good for gaming celebrities like Jeff 33%
It's a dumb analogy of twitter and Facebook 24%
It's the worst thing to happen to gaming ever 3%
#1 Edited by TheLastGunslinger (388 posts) -

I really like the idea. It'll let you follow people like the GB crew or other journalists and game devs without having to be on their friends list. Similar to Twitter it'll increase interactivity between the gaming public and those actually in the industry, which I think is pretty cool.

#2 Edited by ArtisanBreads (4951 posts) -

It's a very smart idea. Works for people like the GB guys, but I could see myself following a lot more people than I friend, especially if it's easy to do, and then go from there. It would work well to build communities too. It'd be cool if they have groups somehow (like "Likes" almost on Facebook... if you could say then have a Giant Bomb group, or something).

#3 Edited by joshwent (2879 posts) -

@thelastgunslinger: I have to imagine that certain journalists at least will be able to make their accounts un-followable. They're constantly playing games they either can't talk about because of NDAs, or that they just wouldn't want others to know that they're playing early because they'd be hounded by questions and comments from randos ad infinitum.

Also, think about the rage already generated from reviews that some jerks don't give a "fair" score. Then imagine that those people could go and see exactly how long that reviewer played the game, and even worse, find videos and shit of them playing to criticize. All that folks-in-the-industry activity should just remain private.

Considering that, and fact that those kind of people (Jeff and Vinny) are the only ones I'd ever care about "following", I can't say it's too exciting for me.

#4 Posted by Deathstriker (413 posts) -

"Gaming celebrities" made me cringe a little bit for some reason lol. I doubt I'll use it, but Twitter, FB, etc are also pointless to me. I'm sure there are millions out there who will like it though.

#5 Edited by BigJeffrey (5199 posts) -

I will follow Gaming celebrity Jeff

#6 Posted by DeF (5236 posts) -

The Follow features has already proven to be wonderful on Wii U, especially with all the people doing amazing drawings on a regular basis. Wanna keep with with people you don't know personally? Follow instead of bugging them with friend requests. It's only natural that it's becoming a standard on all platforms.

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I think the idea of following people is good, but the player cards they have shown off so far pretty much make following anyone else...who is not a well known name...worthless. You will add someone, but there are no hooks there to remember why you are following them a month later.

"Wow, look this person - I don't know well - is playing a game, they have this many achievements, they have posted this video, they are in good standing with the community" what use is that information in the long run? They need to really ramp up the information you can share and add A LOT more personality to this system.

When I follow someone I need to see the following things:

1) Pic/Avatar

2) Real name

3) User Nickname/Handle

4) Status - Online/Offline/Busy/Waiting for Game

5) Last Game Played (optional to show on their side)

6) Last three achievements/awards (optional to show on their side)

7) Last game YOU played with them. (where did you meet this person?)

8) Reputation

9) Latest Quote/Message (optional to show on their side)

10) Background image on their player card to make look at all this data interesting

11) Amount of friend/followers (e.g. how well known is this person, are they worth knowing?)

12) (OPTIONAL) Show & Links - YouTube channel, Facebook page, show Twitter handle, handle on PSN/Wii/Steam

They need a way to show full profiles of people, so you can figure out why you started or wanted to follow them at all.

#8 Posted by DeF (5236 posts) -
#9 Edited by big_jon (6191 posts) -

Solid idea for sure.

#10 Posted by Tobyus (111 posts) -

For sure. I will follow some people :)

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