What's with Diablo on Xbox One?

#1 Posted by ValeYard (150 posts) -

Hey, so now the expansion for Diablo 3 has been officially announced for ps4 (Joystiq post) and there are still only crickets to be heard regarding Xbox One.

What do you guys think, is it a timed or even full exclusive title for Sony or is Blizzard just not working on it right now?

It's a real shame for me if the latter two should apply, since I won't have the money for a second new console for a while and loves me some Diablo, but my gaming PC self-destructed this summer.

#2 Posted by jimmyfenix (3941 posts) -

I am pretty sure Blizzard said they never received a xbox one dev kit but on the other hand Sony and Blizzard do have a partnership. It will probably come out on X1 but it might just be a timed exclusive for sony like Injustice.

#3 Posted by NeptunePirate (15 posts) -

I'm sure it will eventually release for Xbox One. When it was first announced for consoles, they only mentioned the PS3. Later on, they revealed it would also release on Xbox 360. That may be the same situation that happens here.

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When D3 was first announced for consoles they made it sound like it was some huge deal because it was PS3 only. But it was just that they had announced it on PS3 and just didn't really say anything about 360, fully intending to release it as well. I wouldn't be surprised if it's the same deal. Sony gets all the marketing, both consoles get the game.

#5 Posted by BigJeffrey (5055 posts) -

it's coming dude. Sony marketing money at work.

#6 Edited by Budwyzer (768 posts) -

Xbone don't got the specs to run the game man! Cloud computing will be a must, but like everything else on launch day, the servers will explode for the first couple of months. So why announce a game for a console that will just get a bad rep?

Think about it. Remember that AWESOME SIM CITY GAME? Servers couldn't handle the game.

Remember D3 when it first launched? Blizz servers couldn't take the load and I could see the mushroom cloud from my house.

Now XBONE is going to ask that you hand off computing to their servers that will interact with Blizz servers to interact back with your machine which is also interacting with Blizz servers.... Something somewhere is going to explode, because the more points of potential failure you have then the greater the likelihood is that something will fail. Like choosing a longer stick over a short one, the longer one breaks more easily. /endrand



#7 Posted by JCGamer (760 posts) -

Wonder if the expansion will come included in the Diablo III game or will you need to download the expansion?

#8 Posted by Deranged (1931 posts) -

It probably is eventually, they released Diablo for 360 alongside the Playstation 3. I think it reflects upon most of the developers as well and especially Sony and Microsoft. As Microsoft was busy finalizing their product, Sony had already sent out dev kits to some, which is probably why you've been seeing the vast majority of multiplatform demo's being shown on PS4.

#9 Edited by mikey87144 (1996 posts) -

Probably a marketing thing or maybe Sony is giving them the ability to do things that Microsoft is unwilling to do.

#10 Posted by ValeYard (150 posts) -

Thanks for the reassurance! Would love to see Diablo with more AA on the Xbox One. Won't be getting a second console this gen until I'm earning a lot more money.

#11 Posted by jasbir (108 posts) -

cant wait for diablo

#12 Posted by Zereta (1465 posts) -

Sony has been paying a lot of money leading up to the launch of this new gen. It'll be coming.

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