Which game to buy first for Xbox One?

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I can't seem to come to a decision on what game to buy first on Xbox One. I want BF4 but heard there were problems with crashing and errors. I don't know if this will happen on the x1. So any suggestions?

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Depends on which kind of genre you like. Forza is gonna be forza so it's gonna be a great racing game but if you're not a racing fan then it's probably not a great choice. Dead Rising seems good from reviews but they're saying that there are some technical problems with the game. Still waiting to see what the final say is on Ryse. That could be interesting. AC4 is really good and probably looks really nice on next gen. Wish there were some more launch titles to choose from.

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I'm a racing fan but not enough to be my first choice. I'm think I'm going to decide between DR3, BF4, AC4, and COD Ghost. Then there is the decision on the fact that battlefield and call of duty have multiplayer to keep me entertained for awhile and dead rising 3 and assassins creed 4 doesn't. I'm sure ac4 has multiplayer but the last one didn't keep me wanting to play it.

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Honestly, it depends on what type of game you want to play.

Personally I'm going with Dead Rising 3 because I love the series. I'm avoiding all multi-platform games until I know which system I prefer using the ps4 or xbox one.

I am waiting to see some Ryse reviews before I pull the trigger on that. Personally I think the combat looks like fun in the same way as Batman or Assassin's Creed but I'm thinking it might be a bit too shallow.

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Im not going to buy an Xbox One, but if I did have enough money I would get Zoo Tycoon with it. I still remember playing zoo tycoon 2 on my home computer. I spent all my money on building gaming computer last year and just recently bought a ps vita, xbox 360 and a PS4. It makes be feels very stressed out that I almost skipped the last generation and am catching up on them Halos and gears of war while I also want to play the new gen consoles and PC stuff too.

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@tp0p: @fearbeard: I like all genres and want the type of game that is going to keep me entertained for awhile.

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AC IV are Battlefield 4 are probably the most worth it. Highest reviews, quality. Especially if you're only buying one game, and multiplayer and season passes on both.

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I wonder if battlefield is going to be busted all weekend. That's the multiplayer game my friends and family are getting and the state of the PC and PS4 versions is not a good sign for xbox one this weekend.

#9 Posted by Mike (14593 posts) -

@syed117: it's probably safe to assume it will be.

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@mb said:

@syed117: it's probably safe to assume it will be.

Damn you DICE. Well, there goes any chance of multiplayer this weekend. Hopefully downloading the patch and setting up won't be an issue on Friday. That's what I'm worried about. Microsoft and their 300K servers better be up to the task.

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@syed117: that's what I was worried about because otherwise this decision wouldn't be so hard

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Ive gone for Forza, fifa (comes free), Ryse (oh dear), dead rising and ill dowload killer instinct.

#13 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (6370 posts) -

If you like racing, then Forza's a safe bet.

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@carryboy said:

Ive gone for Forza, fifa (comes free), Ryse (oh dear), dead rising and ill dowload killer instinct.

Just to clarify for anyone reading this, FIFA is only free in Europe.

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Dead Rising 3 seems like a safe bet if you just want to have mindless amounts of fun.

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Forza, Dead Rising 3, and Ryze (pending reviews) are your only highly anticipated exclusives, right? Or do you not have a decent PC and not getting a PS4?

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The crashing and errors I've heard about EA has said was related to the 1.5 patch on the PS4 not necessarily the games problem.

I'm grabbing Forza 5 and probably Dead Rising 3 for it. Eventually I'll get AC4 but I haven't decided for which console.

Forza 5 seems to be the best bet, but why not wait until more reviews come out?

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Forza 5 is my only pre-order. I've enjoyed every game in the series and I've been a fan of console-style sim racing games since Gran Turismo 3.

The review thread on this board has me considering a Dead Rising pre-order as well, but I think I'll still hold out for a demo/rental on it. I'm not much of a fighting game fan so I'll probably only check out the FTP version of KI and I'm not at all sure that Ryse will be worth playing even as a rental.

For the multi-platform games, I really want to wait to rent/demo the games on X1 and PS4 to see which looks/plays better, see how well the overall systems work and what is most pleasant to use on a regular basis before I decide which platform to get a given game on.

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@finaldasa: that makes me feel better about BF4.

I pretty sure financially I'll be able to get 2 games now and came to a decision to go with Dead Rising 3 and Battlefield 4. Assassins Creed 4 looks so tempting though.

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I'll be getting Forza, Dead Rising, AC IV and BF4. Fifa comes with my console but I doubt I'll play it much not being much of a sports game fan.

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I was in a bit of a pickle game-wise for the Xbox One cause I pre-ordered my games separately from my console. My box was ordered through Amazon so I'll be getting it on Friday. Unfortunately, I ordered Dead Rising 3 and Ryse through a different store and they won't ship until Thursday via slower ground shipping with an ETA of five days. I was super bummed out so I went to a Gamestop yesterday and this happened:

I totally know I just bought the same exact game I have bought three years in a row, but fuck it, its a launch and I know I like the COD formula.

Edit: I'm no doubt getting Crimson Dragon as well. Rest assured, that will be the first thing I do when I plug in my box. Panzer Dragoon 4 lyfe.

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I was thinking about getting Dead Rising 3 first and after watching the quick look I think that was the right decision.

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I picked up a PS4 last week and got my multi platform on with that (Need for Speed, Ass Creed, and Battlefield 4). So, for the Xbox One I am gonna go exclusives off the bat (Dead Rising 3 and Forza 5). I got a free code for Killer Instinct from Microsoft and I will probably tack on LocoCycle or Crimson Dragon despite the bad press.

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@vanick: yeah, despite some polish and performance issues, it looks like a lot of fun.

The amount of zombies on screen is incredible.

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I just picked up Battlefield 4 today. I like the COD series too but enjoy battlefield more. COD will come so enough for me. Picking up Dead Rising 3 on launch day. Can't wait. Oh and thanks for all the input guys

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I think killer instinct is going to be my first game, mainly because of price. I might wait for some holiday sales before I buy anything else. Something tells me there are going to be some good offers on next gen titles.

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@finaldasa: that makes me feel better about BF4.

I pretty sure financially I'll be able to get 2 games now and came to a decision to go with Dead Rising 3 and Battlefield 4. Assassins Creed 4 looks so tempting though.

Uhm, EA/Dice already retracted their statement about the 1.5 firmware. The issues are totally on their end. They still haven't fixed the PC side of things either. I would expect BF4 to be hot garbage on Xbone, just like it is on PS4 right now.

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I've got a code for DR3, then picking up BF4 and Madden

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If I was getting an xbone I'd get Forza. I'm not a racing sim fan but I really liked Forza 3 and this one looks good from what I've seen.

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Got Fifa with my day one and will pick up BF4 tommorow aswell.

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