Xbox One and Digital Upgrades

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Hey guys, I've been looking around on and off today and haven't been able to find a solid answer. So I'm hoping you can answer my question.

*Is Xbox doing the $10 digital upgrade of 360 versions of games?

(On both the Battlefield and Assassin's Creed's official sites they list the digital option for PS4 but only list stores where you can exchange for the Xbox One.)

This is what I'd like to do so let me know if I'm way off...

I own Battlefield 4 for the 360. I would like to have BF4 for the Xbox One and also be able to play with friends that have the 360 version. The in store upgrade options all involve trading in the 360 version, so this would not work in my situation.

It is my understanding the on the PS4 (I don't have one) digitally upgrading requires you to put your PS3 disk of that game into the PS4 to play the new downloaded version. So you, of course, could put that disk back into your PS3 and play that version of the game. That is why it would be ideal for me if it worked this way in the Xbox world.


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Nope, the only way I remember is that if you trade in to GameStop, or maybe Amazon. There's no XBL promotion or any of that.

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@blu3v3nom07: Thanks. That was the impression was getting but I couldn't tell for sure. I'm too far behind on all the new systems' release info.

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