Xbox One: Day One

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This game is a lot of fun!

I picked up my XBone this morning and thought I'd share my thoughts. Kinda pissed because the EB Games clerk forgot to give me my Fifa download code and I'll have to go back at some point to get it. Anyway...

Voice Recognition

It works alright and the "xbox use code" command to read in a QR code is quick for redeeming content. I wish their were more options but it seems fine.


Reading my face to log me in works great. That's about all I've seen so far.

Killer Instinct

Fun to play but looks pretty low res and the anti-aliasing on the character models looks kinda bad. Only played the free stuff so far. Had a few matches with a friend locally and it was a pretty enjoyable time.

Dead Rising 3

Its not much of a showcase graphically for the next generation, but runs well and any frame drops are barely noticeable. Lots of zombies on screen and the mayhem is nuts straight from the get go. Easily the best Dead Rising game and I am excited to play more.

Forza 5

This game plays and looks fantastic. To my surprise, my favorite xbox one game so far.

The game looks great and runs super smooth. Car models are super detailed. The drivavatar AI system does a good job at making races feel more exciting now as the AI are completely unpredictable. I had a AI car from the starting line just drive me off the road, screwing me over and himself for no good reason. I play Forza like an asshole against AI drivers and now so do the AI, which I can appreciate.

After being disappointed by Forza 4, Forza 5 seems a lot more interesting this time round. And not being a car nut means that none of the concerns about there being fewer cars this time round really bothers me. I generally pick a small group of my favorite cars to drive and stick to them in these games anyway.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Yo ho ho and and a bottle of ONE.

This game is easily the best AC since AC: Brotherhood, quite possibly better. The lead character is great, the out of animus stuff is clever and the gameplay is as fun as ever. As a next gen game though, the sub 1080p res is pretty obvious compared to a game like Forza 5. The game runs at a consistent 30fps which is fine and performs better than the previous AC's on 360/PS3 I played, but I can't say it looks that much better. That said AC games have always looked great even on those consoles so its a small gripe in the scheme of things.

I'm curious how much better it looks on PS4 in 1080p. I am planning on getting a PS4 too probably early next year, so if it stays this way where XBO versions are 720p and PS4 versions are 1080p, then it looks like I'll be playing third party games on PS4. I feel this is a pretty big oversight on Microsoft's part not enforcing 1080p as a must for developers this generation. I'm happy with 30fps games if they look good, but 720p is so last gen.

Battlefield 4

Best multiplayer shooter this year, but COD is so stagnant at this point so its not that hard.

Game runs at a nice 60fps(drops a bit on occasion) but looks a little aliased, I'm assuming another 720p port. The single player is super tedious and uninspired so I'll just pass on that, but the multi-player is great as usual for the series. Improves on just about everything that started in Bad Company 2 as far as progression and classes. The guns feel satisfying and there are lots of different game modes. Plus finally 64 player matches on consoles, yay!

Other Details

The IE app runs really well and watching videos from GB on it works great. I've been impressed with my time with it so far and just barely scratching the surface. The youtube app is garbage just like it is on TV's but it works well enough just going to youtube in the IE browser.

Overall my impressions are somewhat of a mixed bag but definitely skewed in the positive direction. It's a neat console, the major let down really being that most of the games still run at 720p, because man when you see Forza 5 in action you'll wish everything ran and looked like that. But hopefully things will get better as developers get used to the hardware. The four games I picked up are all really fun, the voice and kinect stuff works well enough and the multitasking works pretty flawlessly. That's my impressions of day one, playing Xbox One. Au revoir.

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watching videos on giantbomb on my tv was one thing I was looking forward to so I am glad that checks out :)

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Really excited for Dead Rising 3, want to see all them zombies.

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@bigjeffrey: There are a hell of a lot of zombies. You won't be disappointed.

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I am loving Forza 5 a lot. The AI stuff really makes races more lively and fun for a single player racer like me. Probably my best time with a racing game since Dirt 2 and Forza 3. Highly recommended!

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Dead Rising 3 is pretty good, i already like it better than dr2. Kinect voice commands have been flawless, i hate talking to my Tv and the idea of kinect but damn.

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@bigjeffrey: Other than "Over here" and "Change clothes", what voice commands are there? I haven't really played around much with them.

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@benspyda: was talking about the system in general.

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@bigjeffrey: Oh ok, yea its pretty cool. Although where I live, its near a main road, noisy birds and people mowing 24/7, so its been a bit hit or miss with me. But when it works I've had some fun with it for sure.

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