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The question we have to ask ourselves now is...what would J Allard do?

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Angry Joe impression

Haven't watched it yet but Angry Joe is often spot on.

I think he's a bit over the top here, but I couldn't stop laughing through a lot of it, so points for that!


Man, I went into his back catalogue to check out his other reaction videos, and I have to say - he isn't always angry like I suspected from his performance for this event.

Check this out - it's like night and day.

Holy fuck how can one man have a annoying face, voice and accent or dialect(whatever you wanna call it) at the same time, I stopped after 1min sec or so.

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Is it over yet? I've noticed the anger rising in this thread.

Yes, what is way more depressing than that conference which was fine considering they said upfront that they will talk games at E3, is the completely negative and cynical outlook everyone on the internet seems to have adopted. Here I am sitting at my PC really excited to see this new XBOX, newer faster interface etc and then I come into the thread and people are right out of the gate so down on everything. What happened? Did everyone completely forget how to enjoy themselves?

Except that they didn't show that interface stuff either. Only a quick demonstration that really didn't show any details of an interface that looks almost identical to the current 360 interface and that's basically it. Also even fewer details on the hardware itself then Sony. They barely touched on services other than what is already available on 360 too.

Maybe Major Nelson shouldn't have poked fun at Sony for having a reveal without showing the box. Hmmm.

Well at the end of the day they showed the most important things to most people. How it looks like, what the controllers is like, what the new dashboard will look like and more less how the thing will work in motion. People are really concerned about what type of ram it uses or what the clock speed is but if the last generation is anything to go by those are not really important pieces of information. By all account the PS3 was a far superior platform to the 360 yet it underperformed in cross platform titles more often than not and all games generally ran the same. Nobody remembered or cared about how powerful the cell processor was after a few months.

Now don't get me wrong, I do think they could have given a few more details about Live and other things. Still in terms of what matters you got the most important rundown. What Microsoft did mention which is a major piece of information that all "gamers" should get excited about is the announced 15 exclusive titles within the first year, 8 of which will be new IP's. For any XBOX fan that is something to get really excited about as the 360 has been lacking in terms of exclusives these past few years. Hearing that you will get 15 exclusive titles for the new one within a year is amazing; that is a little over one completely exclusive title a month. It's a guarantee that when you purchase their new system you won't find yourself starved for games (as to the quality of those 15 exclusive titles, well that we will have to wait and see)

Oh thank the Humanity! It seemed like everyone had gone completely mad this morning. I really doubt that people actually remember previous console announcements all that well. The Sony event a few months back was probably the most well realized announcement for a console I've ever seen, and this Xbox shindig wasn't bad either. But the announcements for the PS3, 360, Wii and Wii U all shared less information and showed less games than the event last night (or morning in the US).

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Remember Nintendo GameCube being called GCN (Game Cube Nintendo)? How about calling this the MXO, Microsoft Xbox One. That'd also be the reverse lettering of their magazine, OXM. It even sounds like MSX, that Japanese PC stalwart.

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  • Mandatory 24 hour online verification.
  • Kinect required for the console to function + always has to be functioning even when the console is off.
  • No used games.
  • 33% less powerful than the PS4.
  • Big emphasis on stuff other than games (more a negative towards the presentation than the console itself).
  • Huge brick (though the PS4 might even be bigger, but it might also look nicer).
  • No plan for any sort of backwards compatibility (at least they want to attempt with the PS4).
  • Most likely still have to pay for online multiplayer.


  • The controller looks pretty awesome, though I'd have to try those triggers for myself.
  • Quantum Break looks interesting.
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I know this is an american console... but almost all the apps they are pushing on this new console won't work outside the US, I know this because it doesn't work for the 360 now so... The XBOX ONE doesn't look as attractive outside the US so far, I hope games are announced at E3.

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Rewatching the conference again on the site and honestly I'm pretty excited. Obviously games will ultimately make or break but I really like what I've seen.

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As an Australian, everything that was shown besides the two games they showed, means fuck all to me.

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wow I said I don't buy used games but others do thank you for being smug and what about ppl who rent games and try before they buy them. No fan of gamestop but they have place in the world don't know what you where getting at with the green man gaming thing never have used them just seems like you are a prick

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A new generation of consoles is always exciting, but I'm with Ben Kuchera of PAR when he says that the lack of focus on the hardcore gamer is a little off-putting. We've been seeing a diminishing number of really exciting 360 titles as this generation has come to a close, and while there are various reasons for this--developers focusing on the next gen, consumers saving for the next gen, etc.--this feeling has been compounded by Microsoft's focus on apps and features that the hardcore gamer really doesn't need. It might be that this conference was intended for the general public--investors, speculators, etc.--but Microsoft's unarguably anti-consumer stance is frightening at this point. I understand the profit drain that is used games, but to release a console that changes this fundamental aspect of console gaming is very risky. I was fine with online passes, as I understand that if I am playing on a developer's servers, I should contribute a little, but this move is just too dramatic. I know Steam has the same DRM, but it's ingrained, and Microsoft is fighting a decades-old tradition of game swapping between friends. They're going for a convention-changer, and I won't pay money to have this fundamental ability of console gaming taken away from me.

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as a guy who loves video games this is how I'm feeling about what I saw.

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@thugg1280: Well if we are going to resort to name calling, you were being quite the "Debbie Downer." You were bashing Microsoft about no used games and always online, and then end on saying how great the PC is. I know most of my PC games require an internet connection, and used games are almost nonexistent. I mention Green Man Gaming because they are the only site I know of that allows trading in "used" digital PC games. I think you are just stuck in the past. I used to trade audio CDs in all the time as a teenager, but those stores don't exist anymore. It costs so much money to make games now. If the publisher gave me a choice to either kill the used game market or have the price of new games increase, I would put a bullet into the used games market's head immediately.

If you want to attack the Xbox, mention the whole "no self publishing on Arcade" issue... Or make better arguments...

You are a "Negative Nancy."

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Forcing the Kinect makes me not want the console instantly. It's not viable for how my room is set up and needlessly jacks the overall price up. It should be offered without.

Not that I really care, Microsoft have no first party, the interface still looks the same and the PS4 will probably be region free for games again.

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Impressions? Hmm.. THE NEW EX-BOX IS FUCKING SHIT! Dumbass motherfuckers... This console is not for gamers, IT IS FOR TV-PEOPLE!

...Actually, i'll just let Angry Joe take care of this, he speaks my words to 100% accuracy.

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@freecajunlove: you do know that steam has offline mode right? why do you think ppl where so pissed at D3 and the new SimCity .if you was not being rude sorry you came off that way and still do again if you would look I said I don't buy used games but many do and rent them why do you think gamefly is around or redbox ok xbox propaganda minister.

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I find it difficult to care about any of what they showed aside from Remedy's next game. I don't care about television, I have not plopped myself in front of the tube to watch something in over seven years and being able to talk to my xbox to change the channel isn't making me reconsider. I watch everything on my computer in handy little video files and I can already watch those on my ps3 or Xbox 360.

I understand that E3 is in a few weeks and they will show off games there. I am not upset about the lack of games, I am upset by the lack of focus being placed on the Xbox One as a device that plays video games. The PS4 conference was all about video games, how the device interacts with them, new features to enhance playing games, bringing me and my friends together when we are so many miles away. I have a friend that I enjoy playing scary games with on Halloween but we usually just end up watching movies together over Skype these days because streaming from my PC is difficult. But now with the PS4, I can invite him to my streaming room and we can play these games together. I can even give him control of MY game. Just thinking about it makes me giddy. Extending beyond that, I can have this group play experience with any of my friends, with any game. The Xbox One showed nothing like that at their conference. As far as I know, it's a 360 but it does television and picture in picture mode now. Woohoo.

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