Xbox One Release Date 22nd November.

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#51 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (6256 posts) -

November 22?

#52 Posted by oldenglishC (1091 posts) -

@the_laughing_man: I just went over and checked that out. Some of the semi-serious accusations of corporate terrorism are gold.

#53 Posted by Syed117 (407 posts) -

Guess it makes sense for them to release a week later in the US and a week earlier in those European countries.

Would have been nice if it was earlier, but not that big a deal.

Just want to see the digital foundry comparisons for multiplatform games. Getting both so that will be the most interesting stuff. I would bet that PS4 sells more through the end of the year, but only babies on the internet care about sales figures.

I wonder what the supply will be like in the US. Could definitely see a reason to Ebay the PS4 if there is a massive shortage around Christmas time. Then just buy it again when the next batch comes around.

I'm sure Neogaf is going crazy. That's the sole purpose of the creatures on that forum. It's a cesspool.

#54 Posted by OurSin_360 (992 posts) -

It won't make much difference honestly, the people who buy at launch have either already pre-ordered or are the type to sit in line for days anyway. Parents won't be buying that shit launch day and casual fans won't be able to get one more than likely. I just hope people don't get shot this go round.

#55 Posted by Nictel (2658 posts) -
#56 Edited by EXTomar (5024 posts) -

I must say I love the spin. Creative literature is not dead when you can wander over to a thread and read some really imaginary things. It is strategically a "wash out" release on the 22nd but some of the fans are trumpeting as brilliant move where you have to look no farther than this thread to see what crazy things they tell themselves to believe it. :)

#57 Edited by JayEH (585 posts) -

I knew it would be around Nov.22 since they said Watch Dogs was a launch game. I figured they either released the 19th or 22nd.

#58 Posted by jimmyfenix (3941 posts) -
#59 Posted by TheSouthernDandy (4009 posts) -

Bit of a win for Sony. I'm curious to know the real reason, I'm betting they would have gone earlier if they thought they could pull it off.

#60 Posted by Nictel (2658 posts) -

Bit of a win for Sony. I'm curious to know the real reason, I'm betting they would have gone earlier if they thought they could pull it off.

Production started today, that means they have 11 weeks to produce enough consoles for the launch.. That's what, 15K consoles per week or about 2.150 a day?(assuming 1,5 million total)?

#61 Posted by jimmyfenix (3941 posts) -

@thesoutherndandy: I think the 5th was never going to happen. Retailers wouldn't be too happy for 2 big Launch`s to occur on the same day. The 12th would have been fine.

#62 Posted by ProfessorEss (7666 posts) -

They're both coming out well before I plan on buying either so it's a wash for me.

#63 Posted by TheSouthernDandy (4009 posts) -

@jimmyfenix: @nictel: yeah both those sound reasonable particularity the supply issue. I'd imagine they're scrambling to pump those bad boys out. Getting closer the next few months are gonna be bananas.

#64 Posted by isomeri (1713 posts) -

It's nice that they don't stagger the launch internationally. This means that I'll probably get my Xbox One before the PS4 goes on sale over here.

#65 Posted by Hunter5024 (6281 posts) -

Damn I was hoping the systems would launch on the same day.

#66 Edited by DJJoeJoe (1389 posts) -

Any word or thoughts on the state of Digital versions of games on the Xbox One? I would obviously prefer to get my Watch_Dogs on via digital version but all I'm seeing is that it's only available 'retail' on the Xbox One. Sony confirmed that seemingly all their games are available via the online store, so what's the hold up on the Xbox end of things? Seems like a great time to flip the switch on doing day one digital versions like Sony has been doing a bit already on the ps3 and will seemingly do 100% from now on with the ps4, why start the new xbox off with half measures on the digital front when it's kinda a main goal we are all working towards for distribution?

Still seems like a thing that could either change soon (within a year) or actually stay the same (digital versions for 360 games came like.. a year after its' release pretty often... SADFACE).

I'm the kinda person that has on multiple occasions considered and sometimes even re-bought digital versions of 360 games even if I already owned the disc version. I was lucky enough to get some 'free' digital versions of games like alan wake when I got my latest 360, but I actually crumpled and re-bought halo reach cause I wanted it digital. Granted I didn't then go out and re-buy every game I've ever owned digitally... I'm pretty poor. My desire, however, for a seamless digital library of games is great enough to always make me on the lookout for this kinda stuff, and I think that it's a bummer that the info release so far even if it may be slightly out of date seeing as how many Xbox One things changed in the last month alone and that I don't think I've seen actual specifics on what forms you can download all your games... I had for a while after E3 assumed it would be all digital since I THOUGHT I heard Microsoft say as much there... but zero word since and the only actual google-able info points to 'retail' versions only.... :(

EDIT: Scratch all of that... my histaria about possibly not getting a digital version of these games grew into a frenzy faster than my consious mind could handle lol. They did in fact say all games can be downloaded, and I take a leap of faith in assuming even disc versions will be tied to your account and available to be downloaded fully also (ala steam). It makes sense for how they had set up the service since their very first announcement and even without updated word on the state of the stuff now it seems like it wouldn't have changed the fact of digital versions are just 'there' on your account regardless of how you get your game on (disc or... some sensitive man from libia's snale mail delivery of floppy disc games)

#67 Edited by Chaser324 (7007 posts) -

@djjoejoe: That IGN list you linked to might be confusing you, but MS has similarly confirmed that all retail games will be available digitally from day one.

#68 Posted by GERALTITUDE (4171 posts) -

It's too bad we never get to really know the stories of how consoles are made, from concept to shipping. Release dates are subject to so many different variables, it's pretty unbelievable when you think about it. Beginning with the gathering of the team (imagine a badass Nerd Shepard) of technical and non-technical folks who design it to the sourcing of the raw parts (and in such hilarious quantities "oh and we'll need a bunch more over the next ten years, thanks") and all the mountains of paperwork signed between who knows how many companies and hot damn, consoles.

November 22nd. I like that it's their anniversary date. I think that's how you gotta do it, especially in MS' position. Many think they're going to take in on the jaw, at least in the launch - we'll see. The European effort is admirable, at least, and I do think it will win over some gamers. Friend's lists, achievements and Call of Duty are always touted as the reason X1 can't but win in America. In Europe we have Playstation and FIFA. I don't think it's a crazy leap of logic for Microsoft to consider the US money in the bank and instead go hard across the atlantic, but the parallels people have been making between the X1 & PS3 launches aren't that far off either.

I think I'll get one next year anyways. If Titanfall wasn't on PC... maybe I'd get a launch one.

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