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It's looking pretty good for the xbox, at least better than the playstation games wise now, though I do wonder when we look back how the games will seem. I remember in the gamespot review of perfect dark they championed its "good looks".

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@dasacant2: We will all look back and see that Knack was the Dark Souls of platformers.

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@kishinfoulux said:

For the people interested in Crimson Dragon:

I assume that's in response to the complaints reviewers have had. Curious how much of a difference it makes.

I think it may be too late for them to effect sales in any significant way, the reviews are already out and I doubt they will go back a re-review it. Though if it makes it a better experience for the people who do buy it good on them.

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Heads up, Ryse reviews!

Joystiq - 2.5/5

"For all of it's pomp and flash, Ryse: Son of Rome is a shallow bore"

IGN - 6.8/10

"Ryse is an entertaining ride that often values spectacle over skill"

Polygon - 6/10

"Ryse is beautiful but hollow"

Gamespot - 4/10

"Ryse is all sizzle and no steak"

OXM UK - 7/10

"Ryse looks fantastic - a genuinely promising example of what the Xbox One can do"

Kotaku - YES

"Superfluous Boob Physics"

Xbox360Achievements - 80/100

"Brilliant combat, a sumptuously produced story and some of the best visuals we’ve ever seen make up for the limitations of the gameplay"

Destructoid - 5/10

"An exercise in apathy, neither Solid nor Liquid. Not exactly bad, but not very good either. Just a bit 'meh,' really"

Eurogamer - 5/10

"As repetitive and shallow as it is, Ryse is always blandly playable; its handsome looks and the daft vigour of the scenario will easily get you to the end of a game that doesn't outstay its welcome"

GamesRadar - 3.5/5

"Ryse will almost undoubtably exceed your expectations with its interesting story and unbelievable visuals. Combat might get repetitive, but you'll enjoy your time as a Roman soldier"

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the Gamespot Review gave Ryse 4 out 10. Just wow.

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Eh, as expected I guess. I'll pick it up regardless.

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The review is good i like that but we ll see the perfect review when we ll play on xbox one, So the only one day left for launch....

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Yeah Ryse seems like I guess it never gets very hard and it's not that long. By the time I get a console I'll have some fun with it though. Bump it up to hard immediately. Glad to see the story is pretty good though. The lip syncing is crazy good.

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Ryse seems fine, it doesn't look super deep but I think I'll enjoy it.

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Never expected Ryse to get good scores, but it looks fun to me. That's all that matters. Day one baby.

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So just saw this Quantam Break gif. I guess from the Spike TV launch? Looks fucking awesome.

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So just saw this Quantam Break gif. I guess from the Spike TV launch? Looks fucking awesome.

Fucking loved Alan Wake. Gonna Love Quantum Break

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So just saw this Quantam Break gif. I guess from the Spike TV launch? Looks fucking awesome.

Sweet christ... That looks absolutely gorgeous. Remedy is honestly one of my favourite developers around. I'm going to play Alan Wake until I pick up my XONE now :P

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Between Quantum Break and Titanfall XBone has some solid lineup. I really hope they do some innovative stuff with the Kinect, though

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So just saw this Quantam Break gif. I guess from the Spike TV launch? Looks fucking awesome.

Next-gen cutscenes are looking better than ever. Hopefully it will be better than the boring slog that was Alan Wake.

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So just saw this Quantam Break gif. I guess from the Spike TV launch? Looks fucking awesome.

yes, please, and please give me craziness. "Down on the ground Dan Brown"

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I'll post this too here just cause it sounded awesome but take it with many grains of salt:

Heard some loose talk online about Quantum Break saying there was a lot more third person shooting to it then they had been showing and that the game's real main combat mechanic involved making clones of yourself in time through the combat.... so maybe something like Super Time Force? This person then said they had said enough, didn't want to say anymore legally.

So....... that made me SUPER excited. Lets hope it's true.

I mean, looking at the gif there... seems like you're maybe stopping the debris coming at you by slowing time?


EDIT: Alright so watched the Sam Lake interview on Polygon and dare I say it but it sounds like this clone thing is pretty fucking likely. Around the 27 minute mark he talks about how the time stuff works in the gameplay and he says the game is recording everything that happens and there is the ability to scrub through and distort a timeline... sounds again a lot like Super Time Force.

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@theveej @oginor: there was a recent article comparing 920p upscaled to 1080p versus 1080p native. There was a noticeable difference. You might not notice it yourself if you have a smaller screen or sit far from the TV, but I know I would.

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