XOne and kinect in different rooms?

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Will I be able to extend the cable length of the new Kinect sensor for home theater installs? Xbox One will be in a different room then the Kinect. With the old Kinect you could use usb repeaters/extenders. A 25ft and 50ft extension cable would be a great accessory product for MS to release to go with the Kinect. Would make lots of folks with projectors happy. I have a media closet that is in my theater and its about 8 feet from the xbox but I have to run a cable up the ceiling and back down again to get to it. So its about 30 feet away.

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Oh, what you're probably asking is, can you have the Red Bull X1 Prototype and your Xbox 360 Kinect in different rooms? If not, that would be a bummer.

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Ha... Nope just the new xbox one and the new Kinect... but that Red Bull X1 Prototype is amazing!

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I read somewhere that it could see through walls if that helps.

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No idea, but I'm trying to understand what you're doing. Are you going to be swapping between your TV/projector and play Kinect games with a projector? Or is there some other use?

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I read somewhere that it could see through walls if that helps.


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@alexglass: I have a theater room. I only have a projector in this room and my av/gaming consoles are in a media closet. So the screen is far away from the xbox.

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I'm pretty sure it's USB 3.0 and proprietary which means there is no guarantee that an extension cable will work. This is a good question and I'm surprised Microsoft has not thought of this.

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