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#1 Posted by Dragon_Fire (376 posts) -

After watching some videos on this game (and reading some articles) it looks great!

I wanted to know what everyone else thought of it, and if you are going to buy/pre-order/pre-purchase/steam sale it.

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#2 Edited by AngelN7 (3001 posts) -

Yes a lot! This is like my "Call of Duty" as far big releases go and I'm hoping it does well sales wise we need more games like this on consoles , seriously since Valkyria Chronicles.

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#3 Posted by BeachThunder (14399 posts) -

Already preordered :o hopefully the game turns out good.

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#4 Edited by CptBedlam (4512 posts) -

Yep. I wanted a decent turn-based strategy game on console for years. Finally it's happening!

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#5 Edited by FancySoapsMan (5917 posts) -

I wasn't aware that it was on consoles, or that it was coming out so soon. 
but yeah, it looks incredible. I'll have to choose between this or Dishonored next month. 

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#6 Posted by PeezMachine (336 posts) -

We've gone years with sub-par pseudo-X-COM games, so getting the real deal (from people who clearly know what they're doing) is kind of the best news.

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#7 Posted by ShiftyMagician (2179 posts) -

Definitely interested but already spent significant money on other games, so I'll pick it up later on.

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#8 Posted by Cloudenvy (5891 posts) -

Kind of. Not $60 interested though, so I'll be waiting for a significant price drop.

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#9 Edited by Soapy86 (2733 posts) -

Never played any of the older games. I thought the FPS looked like shit. But I'm pretty excited for this one for some reason.

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#10 Posted by lead_farmer (1076 posts) -

I will get it eventually. Maybe I'll just buy the original and play that for a few weeks first.

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#11 Edited by John1912 (2362 posts) -

The first game was pretty ground breaking for its time. So its great for nostalgia if nothing else to see a proper remake being done by a good studio. Not sure why but im not gung ho over the game, but Im kinda hoping that pays off if the game turns out great, making it all the more enjoyable.

Maybe it will help revive the turn base genre. I used to love those type of games. Xcom, Shining Force. Now I just cant get into them. Too slow and uninteresting. Hopefully this will be proper update the genre has needed.

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#12 Posted by chrissedoff (2290 posts) -

I've already pre-purchased it on Steam. In fact, I'm the most excited I've been about an upcoming game since Gods and Kings.

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#13 Posted by hangedtoaster (186 posts) -

This comes out the same day as Dishonored does it not? If that's the case I might pick this up when I pick up Dishonored, I never played the old X-Com games but what I've seen and heard of this has me interested in making a purchase.

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#14 Posted by Dragon_Fire (376 posts) -

This is a pretty good response for people who are going to get it, makes me happy.

Seems like a lot of people are going to get it for console (Which I understand why, the new controller scheme look awesome.) Am I one of the few who will get it for PC?

I really want to get this on release but, currently I already spent my money on Guild Wars 2. But I know this is one of the few $50-$60 game that I want this year, so I may make an exception. I also need to convince some of my mates to get the game also.

And After playing many shitty, or sub-par games trying to do the same thing, (Hell) it's about time a 'remake' came out, that is made by an amazing developer that can do it justice.

-Also Anyone else hoping they add some mod support? (Or at the minimum a level editor?)

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#15 Posted by Funkydupe (3587 posts) -

Yes there is interest. Most just scoffed at the FPS spin-off concept. This game hits closer to home. It will be stream-lined and more accessible to players. That might be a slight turn-off for some hardcore turn-based strategy fans. I think the inclusion of the cover system (which incorporates the crouch ability) is a good idea, and it makes sense to have in the game. The way you upgrade troops is simpler and I think it mainly consists of picking from a set of abilities per trooper class as you level them up.

Also I think Base invasion (the possibility of aliens locating where your fighters/transports come from and assault your base) is not in for launch.

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#16 Posted by dyong (334 posts) -

I don't like how small the tactical maps seem to be. Then again sometimes I hated the huge maps of XCOM 1 & 2, but only because the clunky interface made it a chore to move all the squad members. Still this game seems like a good bet and I've bet on worse things.

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#17 Posted by Firepaw (3031 posts) -

There certainly is, and I have high hopes for the future of modding the game, good modders could pretty much take any conflict (with guns mostly) and fit it into that mold.

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#18 Posted by l4wd0g (2363 posts) -

Any game where Sid Meier is a playable character has my vote.

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#19 Posted by Fearbeard (872 posts) -

Definitely. I loved the original, but when I went back to play it last year it definitely showed it's age mechanically.

As long as they nail the feel of the original with updated style and gameplay then this could easily be my GOTY.

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#20 Posted by Tennmuerti (9027 posts) -

@dyong said:

I don't like how small the tactical maps seem to be. Then again sometimes I hated the huge maps of XCOM 1 & 2, but only because the clunky interface made it a chore to move all the squad members. Still this game seems like a good bet and I've bet on worse things.

Hopefully they were using smaller maps for demo purposes. Cause yea they were kinda tiny.

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#21 Posted by MeierTheRed (5206 posts) -

Yes! pre-ordered it as soon as it hit the Steam store.

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#22 Posted by Marz (5934 posts) -

Yeah i'm interested. Though i'll probably wait till my interest in borderlands 2 has ran it's course and i want to play another game.

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#23 Posted by Meltac (2008 posts) -

Not really, but I've never played the originals and I'm not that into the RTS-genre, except for Company of Heroes.

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#24 Posted by Tennmuerti (9027 posts) -

@Meltac: It's turn based.

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#25 Posted by Meltac (2008 posts) -

@Tennmuerti: My mistake, still not interested in it nor the genre.

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#26 Posted by 2HeadedNinja (2222 posts) -

Preordered on Amazon ... if the Steam-Thing gets to the point where you get Civ5 for free I might switch preorders though.

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#27 Edited by Dezztroy (1039 posts) -

Yes, looking forward to this game a whole lot.
However, I do hope that the campaign isn't as structured as I've heard it is. I don't want my XCOM to have a A-B-C mission progression, the only "story mission" I want in the game is the very last one to beat the aliens out of their home. Cydonia or Bust.

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#28 Posted by sketch (196 posts) -


I hope the campaign is long and hard enough

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#29 Posted by Mnemoidian (1016 posts) -

Only thing more exciting right now is Borderlands 2.

To be honest, my weeks between Borderlands 2 and XCOM are quite busy, so I'm worried that I'll have to shelf Borderlands early (or wait to get started with XCOM).

Yes, it's a terrible decision. Boohoo. :P

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#30 Posted by BoG (5388 posts) -

When Firaxis releases a new game, you would be silly not to be excited. I expect this to be the last game I buy this year.

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#31 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

Preordered on Steam. Will most likely be playing with a 360 controller.

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#32 Posted by BaneFireLord (3154 posts) -

I'm definitely intending on picking it up during a Steam Sale...too poor right now.

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#33 Posted by Ninja_Welshman (568 posts) -

Part of my big 3 for the year alongside Hitman and Borderlands 2. Can't wait. 2012 finishing strong!!

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#34 Posted by Zaccheus (1925 posts) -

I'm definitely very excited as well.

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#35 Edited by Funkydupe (3587 posts) -

Early Screenshot from the wiki of the Character Customization.

I like that we're given this type of customization, at least for the greener recruits.

Can't wait to go hunt space aliens.

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#36 Posted by Christoffer (2318 posts) -

The old X-com games were amazing and I love Firaxis so, yup, it's certainly on my radar.

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#37 Posted by ShaggE (8157 posts) -

Very excited. I've always been interested in XCOM, but the first game is nigh impenetrable these days (I've been spoiled by the age of tutorials, I think), and I trust in Firaxis to make something amazing.

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#38 Posted by triviaman09 (898 posts) -

It's something I'd really like to try out. Probably won't be a release day purchase though.

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#39 Posted by Lanceuppercut (157 posts) -

Yes extremely already preordered! I've been playing through the old games, getting my ass handed to me and enjoying every minute of it.

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#40 Posted by ArbitraryWater (14409 posts) -

Yep. It's probably the last time I'll bother paying full price for a game this year. (and I'm still paying $10 less than I would if I had bought it on console) It's a pity that it comes out the same day as Dishonored, but XCOM seems like a surer bet so that one will have to wait until the holiday sale.

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#41 Posted by AngelN7 (3001 posts) -

@Tennmuerti said:

@dyong said:

I don't like how small the tactical maps seem to be. Then again sometimes I hated the huge maps of XCOM 1 & 2, but only because the clunky interface made it a chore to move all the squad members. Still this game seems like a good bet and I've bet on worse things.

Hopefully they were using smaller maps for demo purposes. Cause yea they were kinda tiny.

Loading Video...

They play on a pretty large map on this multiplayer match plus they talk about them and say there are big maps in the game so no need to worry.

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#42 Posted by Svenzon (924 posts) -

Yeah. This is THE release of fall 2012 for me, even more so than Assassin's Creed 3 or Borderlands 2.

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#43 Posted by Dragon_Fire (376 posts) -

Damn, a lot more replies! Happy there is a huge amount of interest in this game!

Also I think the map size will very from small to pretty big. The big maps will probably be the ones that have the UFO on them and are out in an open area.

@Village_Guy: And I have hope for modding also.

They answered a question about modding in their video the shows off the M&KB interface.

Loading Video...

If you go to 12:20 of the video they are anwering the question of mod support.

'At release we will not have mod support, it is something we are very interested in. We like the mod community. It is something we are definitely interested in adding in the future. At this point and not at release, and no promises we would like to do it.'

That is what they said about modding. (Sadly I don't know the name of the guy who said this because I am an idiot.)

I have only one problem so far with the game is that the max Squad size is only 6. (Which is really small compared to the first game)

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#44 Posted by andriv (274 posts) -

it looks great but that steam preorder bait is pretty lame

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#45 Posted by Deleth (272 posts) -

Going to buy and play it. But I'm not as excited as others are over the whole "perma death" they're gushing over. Especially in late game it will only lead to you being not able to go on anymore if you get unlucky just once and have one of your highly trained and experience soldiers killed because with the stronger aliens you wont be able to train a new one to be as strong.

So all it does is bring people to save scum and while many will not admit it most will do it.

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#46 Posted by MuttersomeTaxicab (823 posts) -

Pre-ordered for PC, but I did look long and hard at a console version. It looks terrific.

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#47 Posted by Ubersmake (771 posts) -

Very yes. Got duped into doing the Steam pre-order thing, too.

I had a chance to play this at PAX, and liked what I saw. The demo was pretty much 20 minutes of tutorial, but they loosened the tutorial-death-grip at the very end. My experience ended with killing two sectoids (I'm assuming that's what they're called in the new game) who were hiding behind a wall by using a rocket launcher. It was extremely satisfying.

Also, seeing Sid Meier as a psionic soldier was really, really disturbing, for some reason.

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#48 Posted by benefitevil (59 posts) -

This is the game that I have been looking forward to this ever since it was announced. I will pick this up on launch day which is funny because I never do that for games. While I do have some slight reservations about the game play and style of the game, Its frickin X-com!

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#49 Posted by aspaceinvader (262 posts) -

Hell yeah I am loved the originals

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#50 Posted by Encephalon (1630 posts) -

I am way excited for XCOM.

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