Any news on the DLC after Slingshot?

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Has anyone heard anything about additional DLC coming out after Slingshot?

On October 25th they announced two single player DLC packs, the first of which was Slingshot released on 12/4, but they've been quiet since then. The official XCOM Twitter account is inactive and Firaxis doesn't have one that I can tell. I know 12/4 was less than a month ago, but I'm curious what's out there on the horizon.

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Heard nothing from them yet....still curious as to what new DLC should they add. Though if they made DLC inspired by Terror From the Deep, that would be awesome. :)

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There were some weird Steam Achievements that suggested Terror from the Deep-like content.

Considering how's there's stuff they've dummied-out of the game (like the parameter settings), I'd be surprised if they didn't smother this bitch with DLC, like they did with Civ5.

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A new year means new games to play. Keep XCOM relevant. I'd like to see more maps/weapons/armor introduced as well as more enemy types and research options during the campaign. The equipment selection is very simple now. I'd like to be able to make more pro/con choices when selecting what equipment to bring. I wouldn't mind a set of new faces for the troops and more customization options in general. I think that they shouldn't wait too long to build on what they have established.

Or XCOM 2.

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