Anyone else feel the limit on soldiers really hurts you?

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Ive been playing on classic ironman and the money situation is so tight i cant even afford officer training school. Even 6 wouldnt help me i feel. Like the enemys accuracy is so good they hardly every miss, and mine so poor even when im about 5 feet away, i have literally missed with an assault shotgun on 96% before. There just isnt enough soldiers to win terror missions or abductions, im always outnumbered and killed fairly easily. I always use correct tactics not moving as much and always overwatching, i just get surrounded by numerically superior aliens. I could understand if i was dashing everywhere. The only one i can usually win is the small ufo missions where there is only a few enemies.

The original i felt with the 14 soldiers you could afford to lose a few men to make up for playing on superhuman where they rareley miss you. The thing is i dont even watch to switch to normal so i just have to suck it up.

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Maybe turn off ironman so you can reload when things go real bad? Sounds like you need to give yourself a bit of a break.

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When you first started playing X-COM: UFO Defense were you able to jump into superhuman on your first playthrough or did you have to learn the game's mechanics first?

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I haven't started playing yet, but what is the limit? Do you start with 6 possible guys in a mission and then you can upgrade to 8, or do you start with 4 per mission and upgrade to 6?

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Are you using a good mix of different types of soldiers? Are you using their special abilities such as suppression or run and gun? If you didn't buy the Officer Training School, what did you spend your money on? Do you give your squad appropriate gear for their specialty? As an example, my heavies don't roll with a grenade. I give them nanofiber suits for a couple of extra hit points. My sniper has a scope and I've specced my medic so she can heal 3 times per battle.

Even if you have the Officer Training School, you can't unlock the 5th and 6th slot until a soldier reaches a certain rank. I remember to unlock the 6th slot, I needed a captain.

Don't discount your secondary weapons and other abilities. I always use my smoke grenades on my squad members if they are in a vulnerable position and I always check to see if I have a better chance to hit with my pistol. Sometimes a pistol is a better choice to finish off a wounded alien.

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Loading is out of the question, so it has to be ironman, and normal would likeley be too easy, so like i said i have to suck it up, but i do wish we had more soldiers. Uh well i try do get 1 of each class but as you can probably tell, in my game xcoms casualty list is high and its pool of squaddies is very much depleted. So i get what i get. Which makes things even worse. I did have 1 heavy LGT that had 30 kills in 8 missions which really helped to win for a while, until he was on his own against chrysalids surrounded on a terror mission. Yep he died. I got the 5th slot, but at that time xcom was finished, almost every country was on 5 panic.

I didnt really have the funds to kit my soldiers out differently really, i was trying to focus on getting a satelite, managed that, gained a few medpacks and arcs, i didnt get to armor or any laser weapons before earth got annhilated. On a new playthrough going use money prudently.

@Somedelicook, its 4 and then 5 to 6.

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@wordfalling said:

When you first started playing X-COM: UFO Defense were you able to jump into superhuman on your first playthrough or did you have to learn the game's mechanics first?

This might be the smartest comment I've seen in an "ironman" thread.

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I switched to normal, gave it a try, the difference is shocking. Aliens now miss more often than not, and you now hit more often. Its almost impossible to lose a soldier nevermind the mission. Is classic supposed to represent the 'classic' difficulty of Ufo Defense? As you had the same amount of chance as the aliens in the original to die, and to hit, i hate the idea of increased difficulty just means less chances to hit/miss, or more hp/less hp, its lazy.

We need something inbetween normal/classic.

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Well trust me when I say this, normal is not easy. If you are "never missing" and "enemies always miss you" on normal you need to move past the tutorial part. I saw one battle in normal where my sniper missed 3 out of 5 shots when I never fire with less than a 70% chance, then in the same battle they panicked after taking a 2 damage pistol hit. Once the enemy had a 6 hit steak on me (as in out of 7 shots they landed 6) from positions that when I fired back I had sub 60% chance to hit. Low and behold around half my shots missed. Hell I once saw a thin man on normal pop out of cover, shoot his pistol at an assault who was so far away he was out of max dash range by multiple steps, shooting through a window, into a open door, through partial cover, and he landed a 6 damage crit killing the unit who was only missing 2 health.

I will say this though, on normal you tend to either wipe the floor with the enemy, or they do it to you.

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@Ares42 said:

@wordfalling said:

When you first started playing X-COM: UFO Defense were you able to jump into superhuman on your first playthrough or did you have to learn the game's mechanics first?

This might be the smartest comment I've seen in an "ironman" thread.

How so? You would have to think that most of the time people would be kids when they first played, even if they were not its a new game, a new experience, so they would likeley play normal. Now when this modern Xcom comes out, they have experience from the original, but also ironman isnt based on difficulty its just whether you dont want to reload, and i hated that in UFO, so i wanted to play ironman, and superhuman has nothing to do with it.

Edit : Karkarov - im way past tutorial part when i switched, onto the 2nd terror mission, ive lost 2 soldiers in about 8 missions and one of those was my fault as i was pushing forward wrecklessly as a scout, on classic most missions i would be lucky to come back with one man.. I mean the enemy do still hit me of course they do, my guys have close to 12hp, so it takes a while but most of the time alot of them come out unscathed. Maybe its because i played classic first i dont know, but normal is too easy for me, too much money, too easy to win, ive already switched back and getting my ass kicked again :P

We need a middle ground between normal/classic.

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@MartinDN: 2-move system and cover mechanics has changed the game quite a lot. Not to mention enemy behaviour, research paths etc etc. It's a new game, and expecting to be able to take on one of the hardest challenges without any real knowledge about how to approach the game succesfully is quite naive.

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Not so much naive, i read in the reviews normal wasnt as much of a challenge, more so optimistic id say. Isnt that what makes gaming fun? I went through superhuman the same arduous way, but then you had 14 meat shields instead of 4.

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@wordfalling said:

When you first started playing X-COM: UFO Defense were you able to jump into superhuman on your first playthrough or did you have to learn the game's mechanics first?


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4 soldiers at the start feels like too little.

6 soldiers are more then enough I feel. With their array of abilities later on it feels pitch perfect for the maps and combat encounters. With the 6 you're always covering decent ground, have contingency, backup, there is plenty to do and manage, and control the situation. Encounters with enemy range from easy pickings of a single squad, to fair game of 2 enemy teams, to oh shit there are 3 enemy squads time to pull out the rocket launchers, grenades, run&gun shtoguns to the face and start busting cover.

(playing on classic)

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