Anyone want to play this? (Free on PS+)

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So this game's free on PS+ today and probably will be for quite a while, supplanting Infamous/LBP alongside Uncharted 3 and LBP Karting. I've only played the PC version and never got a chance to try out the multiplayer but I found the TNTs mildly entertaining; if bafflingly stupid at times. PSN is Valgresas.

Aside from that can't wait to get back into the addictive gambling that is the first few missions of Impossible Ironman.

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I have the PC version but I'd like to see how it runs on the PS3 and I'd make a run at the trophies. How big is the download?

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XCOM and Rayman Origins! AND I am on summer holiday for next few weeks! Sweet!

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I have been dying to play somebody on MP. Add me DirtySkidMarcs. I should be around all weekend.

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@joeku: Around 7700 mb. Almost 8 gigs

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I downloaded this the other day, but the file got corrupted. I'll download it again and try it out.

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PM me for my PSN name.

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@marcsman: Added you sir, let me know though I'll probably be busy with Last of Us for a week or two; I'm free today though!

You know I sort of wish this game had King of the Hill mode a la Netherrealm fighting games, sure it would take forever but it'd be interesting to watch.

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Wow this is on ps+? Going to download now. Have it on pc but who can pass up a free game especially a good one like this one.

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Just bought XCOM on Steam a few weeks ago, but I will certainly get it on my PS3 as well - would love to play this on my TV, not to mention getting trophies. :D

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I got it. It's kinda chunky but it works well enough. PSN ID is JoekumaManuma.

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Anyone ever tried an all Chrysalid team? The advantage is that they're nearly immune to critical hits, and if you get a kill, you get a free unit out of the kill. As long as you space your guys out enough that they aren't too susceptible to grenade/rocket damage, it seems like it could be hilarious.

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For me, it's been plagued with issues. It lags constantly, the sound cuts out, the video goes to chop- but it's so good I keep playing.

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I haven't played any multiplayer yet. I'm down. My PSN ID is brinstargonaut.

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