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#51 Edited by Dredlockz (347 posts) -

I had a mexican assault badass called Pedro Ramirez.

I changed his nickname to "Loco"

And a few games later, the game nicknamed another assault of mine "Loco" by itself. I'm wondering if it's a huge coincidence, or does the system learn nicknames as well?

#52 Posted by Akyho (1713 posts) -

@ArtisanBreads said:

well I know who my scout would be

Dont worry. He survived up till the last mission. Were Jack "Duke" Thompson died. Abigail "Crash" Walker died, Carmez "Doc" Santaigo died, Viviana "Sentinel" Mireno died, with... Sniper woman with nickname "Garrotte" who was unrecoverable and a Russian known as "Gonzo" being the only man to escape....he was my longest surving and most successful Soldier. The reason why I cant remember those two names is they got their nicknames early and for a very long time.

#53 Posted by beeftothetaco (426 posts) -

Ahmmad "Mr. Clean" Mullahand, Support. Cleanest man in all of Yemen.

#54 Posted by haffy (674 posts) -

I've got two heavies in the same team, one called mama bear and the other papa bear.

#55 Posted by HerbieBug (4208 posts) -

Rene "Rascal" Roux from Canada is my favorite of the batch. I ended up changing his nickname after his third mission though. He was by far the lowest ranking soldier on the squad and i tasked him with the duty of rearguard on a UFO entrance whilst the rest of my team reconnoitered the interior. I was getting the sound waves pointer in a direction that suggested a group of enemies might actually be outside the UFO, but it wasn't really clear due to the layout. Turns out there was a side balcony kinda thing that had a set of elites and berserkers. Roux was just out there doing a casual perimeter patrol when he rounded the corner and six muton variants waved hello. He panicked when his cover was blown by said mutons. For the remainder of the mission he had the heartrate monitor thing next to his name, even after he recovered from panic (bug?).

Anyway, his nick was "Mr. Frosty" henceforth. :D

#56 Posted by Sumbog (515 posts) -

I named all my characters after American political figures, and I have changed all of my nicknames but one- Sarah "Mama Bear" Palin. Too bad I forgot to save and the game crashed, ended up recreating her with the same name though.

#57 Posted by jillsandwich (760 posts) -

My all-star Heavy dude(who happens to be black) is named Jeff "Roadblock" Martin. Game of the year.

#58 Posted by MFJubes (20 posts) -

Charlie Murphy. He died before he could get a sweet nickname though.

#59 Posted by SandwichApoc (78 posts) -

Ewan McGregor. Can't remember his nickname.

#60 Posted by Hunter5024 (6077 posts) -

Calvin "Ace" Burns. He was a blonde american assault with side burns.

#61 Posted by LikeaMetaphor (49 posts) -

I had a Ping Ho and Ho Ho, both from China.

My two Colonel Hos could've handled the alien invasion by themselves.

I just liked to image the representative of the Earth's nations saying, in his super deep voice, "Send in the Hos."

#62 Posted by Ben_H (3470 posts) -

My lone female squad member has the nickname "Missionary". 
My favourite Sniper I have had since the first mission has a last name Watson and he means a lot to me so I always think of him in context to Sherlock Holmes (I read a ton of those stories) and when he lands a sick shot I always think "Elementary, my dear Watson".

#63 Posted by MankMachinery (61 posts) -

Carrie "Smokes" Wood

#64 Posted by MocBucket62 (1274 posts) -

I just got started with XCOM and now I'm starting to get nicknames. The one I like the most is a heavy named Gabriel "Disco" Chavez.  
The man brings some funk to the battlefield.

#65 Posted by Clonedzero (4196 posts) -

i have Michael Hunter, he's my second best squadmate actually.

#66 Posted by Sackmanjones (4772 posts) -

Man, I got caught up with all the new releases and steam sales. After reading through these truly excellent names, I will most definitely go back to this game. Anyone have the slingshot dlc and know if its any good???

#67 Posted by Rylle (2 posts) -

So far, my best has been Abby "Lights Out" Jackson, an American Heavy, with Mustapha "Bull" Amin being a close second. I also have a female Assault named "Septic" Ramirez.

#68 Posted by MooseHead (23 posts) -

Canadian Assault soldier Gary "Gonzo" Reynolds, and an assault soldier from Japan, who had wicked mutton chops and was given the nickname "Wolverine". What a champ!

#69 Posted by Yummylee (22666 posts) -

Foxwell ''Nuke'' McGee. OK no, I named him myself. But the ''Nuke'' nickname was down to the game's own creativity! Lot of fantastic nicknames in there and I rarely ever feel like creating my own they're often that good.

#70 Posted by ShadowVirus (793 posts) -

I had a rookie called 'Santiago Santiago'. he's now a Colonel Assault.

#71 Posted by Marcsman (3333 posts) -

@AmatureIdiot said:

Benjamin "D.O.A" Robinson.

He died the mission after he earned the nickname.

Also my long serving heavy Fernando "Tectonic" Martinez, I just like the nickname.

I had that name too.

#72 Posted by Halcypher (16 posts) -

Col. Carlos "Smokes" Sanchez and Col. Kellen "Spider" O'Connor are my current go-to-guys for Support and Sniping respectively.

#73 Posted by Krantzstone (1 posts) -
Major Richard Wood

#74 Posted by nahndeskript (1 posts) -

Mary "Witchy" Robertson is my psychic sniper from Scotland whose been with me since the very beginning... and I've never been more proud of anyone.

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I had great luck with callsigns, they all fit my soldiers like a glove. The best ones though:

Demitrios "Spider" Lekas, Sniper and all 'round bad ass, The Grecian menace.

Raul "Bonus" Torres, a medic called Bonus. Awesome.

And one of my heavies, the first soldier I tested for positive psychic ability turned out to be the only gifted soldier I had out of the thirty that I tested and her callsign was prototype.

Kumiko "Prototype" Yoshida.

Best thing ever.

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#77 Posted by AnotherSomebody (168 posts) -

My Heavy Volunteer was nicknamed "Moose". I was very attached.

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