Do the nicknames have any specific meanings, or are they random?

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#51 Posted by fox01313 (5061 posts) -

Figure that some of the nicknames are specific for some specializations & others are general. Wouldn't mind a future mod in this to just take a nickname & run it through a few translations (and back) to make it sound like some crazy nickname out of some Japanese dream (ie. Super monkey karate doomfish).

#52 Posted by sixpin (1286 posts) -

I've got a guy with the nickname Sentinel. I use him to overwatch a lot, so I assumed it was related. My sniper has the most kills of anyone on the team and is nicknamed Demon. One of my assault guys is nicknamed Hardcore. And I have a heavy nicknamed Bull. Those all sound class/role assigned to me.

#53 Posted by Wuddel (2079 posts) -

I bet they are class/gender specific. My Heavy-Lady was called "Big Momma"

#54 Posted by bkbroiler (1606 posts) -

Oh, and my Heavy who has been with me from the beginning is nicknamed Hulk. I like him.

#55 Posted by RandyF (137 posts) -

One of the guys I got in the tutorial mission was named Tim Allen. Unfortunately, only one guy makes it out of the tutorial mission and it wasn't him.

I would like to believe he would get the nickname "Buzz" or "Toolman."

#56 Posted by dagimpz (3 posts) -

the nicknames are awesome lol.. i also name my units after friends / gf / family... and my friend is nicknamed "tombstone" i guess because he was past 20 kills after 3 missions.. the gf sniper is "el diablo" and my character is called "nitro"... all the run and running i use him for i guess.. i love it...

#57 Edited by EthanielRain (767 posts) -

Vinny TwoPens, earned nickname: Whiskey

Too perfect, now I'm paranoid about him dying :( Edit: Anyone know why his says "earned nickname"? None of my other soldiers do.

#58 Posted by StrawHatLaw13 (166 posts) -

The survivor I got from the beginning is a Heavy named Carlos "Disco" Rivera from Argentina. As much as I like it I don't know what it could be referencing.

#59 Posted by VinLieger (100 posts) -

So far most of mine seem to relate to their class, had "prototype" for the first heavy, "long shot" and "snake eyes" for 2 of my snipers, and "mad man" for one of my assaults who i used alot to run ahead and flush stuff out

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