Does the game get stale to anyone else after a while?

#1 Posted by KillerClaw (91 posts) -

At this point, I seem to be dreading getting anything that isn't a story mission. Maybe normal difficulty needs to be tweaked a little bit, or I should have started with something harder. At any rate, missions tend to be easy enough that I don't worry about failing at any point (all top ranks with a sniper and best equipment will do that), but the amount of days you lose someone while they are injured turns me off from really enjoying the missions. (I lost one o my top ranks for about 5 missions because I forgot his first aid) I feel that it might have been beneficial if they had an ability to reduce the time between story missions or eliminate it all together.

Was just wondering if anyone else feels the same?

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yeah .. im before the end and just goin thru the motions , normal has been incredibly boring and easy , 0 deaths apart from tutorial guys , every mission has been excellent , the only mistake i ever made was letting one ufo slip because of poor tracking. (i reload from time to time but not nearly enough as you may think , this game is just REALLY predictable)

but yeh im sitting on $3000 and only waiting on gettign some more psi units , but its kinds pointless now anyways .

still feels good to own the crap outta an xcom game for once instead of it owning me :)

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It did for me until I lost two colonels and 2 countries. Now I'm kinda fucked.

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I don't have that much money, but I unlocked the psi building a while ago, just didn't have a use for it, and now its required for part of the story and I'm like dammit, build time + 20 days = UGH.

If you only lost 2 countries out of the full you're still fine, otherwise, satellites are boss.

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@KillerClaw said:

I don't have that much money, but I unlocked the psi building a while ago, just didn't have a use for it, and now its required for part of the story and I'm like dammit, build time + 20 days = UGH.

If you only lost 2 countries out of the full you're still fine, otherwise, satellites are boss.

I do agree that it wares out it's welcome too soon for me. Or I've played it too much and I just want it to end.

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All the challenge on normal difficulty comes from not knowing when to build and research stuff. On my first time with normal difficulty on ironman I lost around the halfway point due to not having enough satellites and interceptors. It's a stupid mistake, but this is my first real experience with the series (despite owning the older ones on steam for a good while now). I decided to drop it down to easy/ironman instead of retrying normal with ironman turned off. I got in a bit of trouble near the end due to not building the new interceptors until after I built the hyperwave relay but I made it through. I now have gone back to normal/ironman and have found it to be much easier than my first time through easy difficulty due to knowing when to build stuff. I'm currently building the Gallop Chamber, can't remember the last time I lost a guy, and all my countries are at the 1 bar panic level. I'm looking forward to starting again on classic/ironman because I hear that's where the game actually starts getting difficult.

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I stopped the story missions and just started doing ufo missions so I could build generators, guns, ships, satellites, ect. Once I had everything I needed (plasma rifles, best armor), I tackled the story and had to wait like a month after every mission. I had to do a bunch off missions that I have seen before and it got old fast, and the end level was basically the same. Great start for me, but got stale at the end because of the way I played it. Did it that way cause 4 of my countries were in panic and the other 4 pulled out.

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Got the same feeling. The problem (as I've talked about before) is just the lack of content. By the time I did the Alien Base on my first playthrough I already had plasma weapons and skeleton armor for all my guys. While I hadn't completely finished everything, the incentive to spend more time getting ready for story missions just wasn't there anymore as I only had an armor upgrade and alloy cannon left to do. The game should really force you into the alien base quicker, and have more distinct tiers of upgrades for each "act" of the game.

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~40 hours into Classic, I'm starting to feel this way. It's been really great up 'till now, but now I'm sitting at what I am assuming the very last... thing... I need to do to finish the game, and I want to power up my squad a little more first, and grab some achievements (low priority, but so close, so why not?)

I've lost 2 countries - but that was very early in the game, before I really knew what I was doing, now I've got 2 countries at level 3 panic, everyone else at level 1. In actual missions, there are really only 2 really dangerous things left (Sectopod and Ethereal), but even then, I'm playing it safe enough that they typically don't really pose any threat.

Then again, hard to criticize the game when I'm delaying doing what the game is telling me to do (and I'm probably ready for :P)

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I haven't played much of it, only 15 hours in or so, but it hasn't gotten stale to me yet.

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Well to be fair the developer's intended way for the game to be played is on Classic difficulty(Classic Ironman specifically).

#12 Posted by Arabes (371 posts) -

Ya, like Imhungry said, play the game on ironman classic. It certainly won't be boring :)

#13 Posted by Bell_End (1234 posts) -

no, i always rotate a few games so i don't OD on one game and get bored with it. currently rotating BL2, DS2 and XCOM

all 3 are fucking great imo

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I think it's more interesting on Classic Ironman, but maybe that's just me.

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