How do you access the Slingshot DLC without starting a new game?

Posted by MethodMan008 (931 posts) 1 year, 11 months ago

Poll: How do you access the Slingshot DLC without starting a new game? (3 votes)

I didn't want this to be a poll 33%
poll a be to this want didn't i 67%

Hey duders...

So I googled this and found this:

Which just basically says this:

After a recent update, players don't have to make a new save in order to access the Slingshot missions.


But doesn't say anything more.. I've played like 4 or 5 hours into my game and haven't got a pop-up for a slingshot missions or whatev.. Playing on PC if that matters.

Thanks for the help.

#1 Posted by strangecargo (90 posts) -

I just recently finished my first playthrough of this game. I played through maybe the first 2/3rds of the game at release, but got distracted and just managed to get back to it a couple weeks ago. I never got any of the Slingshot mission prompts.

I started a new playthrough (Classic Ironman*) and was given the choice between the first Slingshot mission or a normal randomly created scenario on my second or third abduction mission.

My guess is that there's some sort of cut-off where if you've progressed through enough of the main plot, the game never offers you any Slingshot DLC missions.

* God this mode is hard.

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