Ignoring priority research

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So i started a new game and am in the 2nd month but i haven't done any priority research at all and instead have got laser weapons. Is this gonna backfire on me at all if i just keep ignoring the priority stuff cause my plan is to get all the other good stuff before i progress the story any.

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It's not gonna backfire (unless you screw up missions and countries panic) but it can kinda just waste time. As some of the priority research can unlock useful options like for example interrogation which will cut research times. And also access to the alien base mission which can give a massive boost to finances (much needed at the start) and panic reduction. Basically it's useful.

Considering you're already on the second month I would suggest starting on that priority research some, it wouldn't hurt.

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You'll need the interrogation lab to research plasma weapons. So I wouldn't ignore it.

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I've heard that if you ignore priority research for too long then countries just start to panic randomly.

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k thanks for the tips guys i think after precession lasers finishe ill start on the priority stuff

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