Little confused on how the campaign works

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This is on my phone so I apologize in advance for spelling errors

Anyway I'm a bit confused on how the campaign is supposed to work. I know the game isn't out but is there an actual story in the game tha you follow other than "oh god aliens everywhere!" Or is it more like the civ games where each time you start it's basically just a set of random events that happen so its somewhat different everytime? Thanks duders!

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If it's anything like the first game, it's that the missions are random and will get progressively harder as time goes by and you beat the game by researching technology that allows you to go to the main alien base.

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According to previews there will be story "milestones" as you progress through the game, that will dictate the type of aliens and UFOs you are shown, but other than that the maps and actual alien compositions are completely random.

You can also play indefinitely as long as you don't go to that last story mission, much like in the original.

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I didn't actually realize this before the QL. It's like FTL basically. You are heading to a final encounter through random events.

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@Sackmanjones: My understanding is that there are story missions as well as random missions (e.g. UFO landed and started terrorizing civies so go kill aliens, shoot down UFO then investigate the crash, etc.).

There seem to be story-related tasks like "build containment facility" followed by "capture an alien" and then "interrogate alien".

If it's like the original, this will culminate in reaching the alien mothership or homeworld
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The comparison to civ is apt.

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Sounds excellent. Cannot wait to play this game!

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It's not truly random. Enemy composition is random but there are 80 maps whcih are selected for the 30 odd missions that you play in the campaign. There is always 30 whatever missions. THere are also set sotry missions - defusing bombs etc. This is not like old x-com where you could drag out a game forever if you wanted by just not going to Mars, or not completing the right research. This is much more structured. If you fail a mission the story continues you but you loose standing with the nation that mission takes place in. The randomness comes in with the order of some story missions (non critical story events) and the location of the missions. Also, I presume, depending on whether or not you shot down a ufo (crash mission), let it get away (no mission), or had it land (landed UFO mission). It's not at all like FTL (totally random) and not really like Civ as it has a defined story structure with a beginning middle and end.

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The more I hear about this game the more crazy it sounds. I've gone from zero interest to moderate within the past week. I mean, a randomly generated strategy game? That's crazy talk.

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@MarkWahlberg said:

The more I hear about this game the more crazy it sounds. I've gone from zero interest to moderate within the past week. I mean, a randomly generated strategy game? That's crazy talk.

If you'd like I can direct you to a 2 hour livestream of the game on gamespot. It was super interesting and pretty much pushed me over the edge.

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@Sackmanjones: I'd love a link to that!

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