Locking Height Layers

#1 Posted by ElCapitan (478 posts) -

Does anyone know a way to lock the height level/layer that you're viewing? I had my second death due to interface today when the mouse cursor kept stuttering between the high, covered spot and a random, WIDE OPEN spot. Guess where my soldier ended up? From there the mission spiraled out of control and I failed, despite actually saving the VIP I was supposed to...

I don't mind how tough this game is so long as it executes my instructions in the way I need it to.

#2 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

What you're describing happens to me, too. IIRC, it doesn't happen if you're using a controller but that's more of a bandaid solution. Hopefully they'll patch this bug out soon.

#3 Posted by ElCapitan (478 posts) -

Man I really hope that gets patched soon, but until then I guess I'll just keep my controller near my rig.

#4 Posted by david3cm (677 posts) -

I have had multiple geographical issues with the game. Selecting elevation, trying to use rockets and having the aiming reticule bug out on an invisible barrier, shooting through level geometry. I am really enjoying the game but those quarks are annoying.

#5 Posted by Zuldim (298 posts) -

Yeah, this is a bug everyone who's using KB&M seems to be experiencing right now. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon.

#6 Posted by GERALTITUDE (4540 posts) -

Not sure if this your problem at all Thing with this mouse is that you have to press down (and hard) on the mouse wheel to activate anything. So rolling it doesn't affect the game at all. Again, not sure that's what you guys are experiencing, but, it may help someone.

Only thing I can't figure out now is how in the world to aim a grenade naturally...

#7 Posted by InsidiousBliss (44 posts) -

I was using the mouse until I got to a large alien craft last night. The ceiling kept popping in and made movement impossible. I switched to the xbox 360 controller and it fixed the issue. It might be just me, but it also seemed to make the game run better.

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