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Hello all, like a bunch of you I'm sure, I have spent a decent chunk of the day thoroughly enjoy XCOM, but I have a few questions. One, is there a way to tell how much experience a soldier has accumulated? I know the more you use them the better they will get but I am unable to locate a bar that fills with each kill or mission. And two, being a Canuck I was hoping to have a Canadian soldier in my squad but wasn't given one when starting the game, so I recruited a few more. But when recruiting soldiers you are not offered a location to choose from, just the desired number and you are then given men and woman from random parts of the world. Am I missing something or is that just the way it is. Besides these issues I am having a ton of fun with the game, I've felt the highs and lows already and have spent some time mourning the few soilders I have already lost. How about you Bombers out there, enjoying the reboot or are you pining for the XCOM of old?

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No to the first question, no way to tell current xp. Don't think it matters much to be honest, levels can come super fast if the soldier does well, to the point of getting a level every mission or every other mission.

Yes to the second, it's just the way it is, random.

Enjoying the fuck out of it. My palms were sweating when exploring my first large intact alien craft. And I had to take a break once when exploring a large alien base, was a bit too tense for too long a time, had to relax.

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@Tennmuerti: I got WRECKED exploring that base, think I need to research some better equipment before I attempt that one again.

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Is Canada a part of the Council? I haven't played the game yet but if its not that would explain it. If it is, well its random. So eventually you may get a Canadian.

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@Shakezula84: Canada is part of the council.

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@Shakezula84: Canada is a Council Nation. I think N. America is Canada, USA, and Mexico. The continent that gets kind of shafted is S. America, IMHO. They only get Brazil and Argentina.

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I have gotten a coupe Canadians. One of my assault guys is Canadian and I named him Morel Orel.

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Ii'm with you. I was also dissapointed that I could not customize to the point of choosing country and male/female. I'm the kind of player that can spend hours customizing my army just right.

Other than that small thing though, loving this game.

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@bkbroiler said:

I have gotten a coupe Canadians. One of my assault guys is Canadian and I named him Morel Orel.

I approve.

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@Shakezula84 said:

@bkbroiler said:

I have gotten a coupe Canadians. One of my assault guys is Canadian and I named him Morel Orel.

I approve.

The game met me halfway. His last name was Morel so I just took the liberty of switching things around a bit.

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I'm really loving it. There's no XP bar and no way to choose nationality unfortunately. Canadian as well (yeah maple syrup!) and I was lucky enough to start with a canuck or two. Then I rushed to launch a satellite over the great white north and basically handed asia over on a platter. Woops.

I actually smiled the first time I lost some soldiers. Ahhh, that old feeling.

Really looking forward to see what mods happen.

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