Slingshot Questions

#1 Posted by Mercer (211 posts) -

So i wanted to throw out some questions about the new DLC...

What happens if, say, I've only completed the first Slingshot DLC mission and I'm playing on Classic Ironman. Then Zhang takes a plasma sandwich to the face and bites the dust. Does that mean the next missions will never appear or I'll be unable to complete them in someway? And what is so special about this guy as a soldier anyway?

Also am i the only one who is extremely annoyed i can't change his armor color to match my class color scheme? GAAAH XD

#2 Posted by Cult_of_Cthulhu (106 posts) -

how do you access the DLC? I downloaded it and my title screen remains the same, I tried starting a few new campaigns but nothing pops!

#3 Posted by Mercer (211 posts) -

Title screen wont change. you have to start a new campaign and basically when your first Council Mission pops it will give you an opportunity to take the first mission in the DLC.

And from what i've heard you cannot skip the first mission if you want to play the slingshot content, basically it just shoots you down the slingshot path or the original game path

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