The original

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I played the original xcom when it came out a long time ago on my playstation. I remember just sitting there for hours trying to caputre aliens to reserch. I cant wait

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Thanks for letting us know.

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Any other thoughts to give on it? Do you think it's the Citizen Kane of gaming? Or is it a flawed masterpiece? No fantastic stories to tell about a great move that you once did? Ever beat it on the hardest difficulty in one sitting? Nothing?

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Yea, man. I've played a few games in my day too.

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"I'm not ready to..."

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I remember when you did that.

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I ate breakfast this morning. Scrambled eggs and hashbrowns with half a tomato and avocado.

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I once stayed up all night playing Exile III that was one of the best nights ever. Back then you didnt have In game journals, I had to make a 3 ringed binder and write all the quests, and a map on graph paper. That was awesome.

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Doom was a game. I used to shoot demons in it, and sometimes I would go to the C:\Doom directory and type in "doom", which was short for "doom.exe", and it would start. I used a keyboard to play it. It had sound, and I'd hear it.

Edit: With my ears.

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This one time I didn't play a game.

I ended up married.

Don't make the same mistakes I have.

This has been a G.I. Joe PSA.

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@Krakn3Dfx:Duuude that avatar is trippin me out

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Wait, you played XCOM? I thought that was me.... Clearly you are.... my shadow!

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Did it come out on playstation? Huh, that's weird...

Anyway, I'm super jazzed for Enemy Unknown, but I think the first game is kind of hard to get into if you're not into finding and reading the manual.

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Well this is a weird thread.

But hey guys, I have something amazing to tell you all! This one time...I played a fucking video game, how crazy is that?!

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Did you guys ever play that Flintstones 2D platformer on the SNES? Now that was a game.

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